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A search platform integrated into the customer journey

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Yext provides you with the right information on each channel and for each audience. You can easily integrate advanced search features into your business and offer a unique, personalized, and qualitative customer experience.

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1 deal available for Yext
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$35,000 credits

$35,000 credits

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General information about Yext

Information is central to delivering a satisfying customer experience today. Consumers want to find the information they are looking for in a fast and relevant way. Beyond search engines, information is strategic on every channel: website, app, mapping services, voice assistants, or social networks. However, ensuring a search experience worthy of the name across all these channels is a complex process.

Fortunately, Yext is the perfect solution to meet your business needs. This SaaS-based software brings together modern and innovative search solutions. Whatever your sector of activity (hotels, ecommerce, restaurants, retail, health, etc.), Yext is able to answer your users’ questions.

On an online store, customers will be able to easily find the ideal product. Yext search is also adapted to improve the conversion rate via SEO landing pages tailored for visibility and performance. Yext Answers allows you to integrate directly on your website a search engine able to understand natural language and to bring complete and precise answers to your customers.

Finally, Yext also makes your life easier! Indeed, it is able to help you improve your online reputation via the reputation management solution. The latter allows you to find the customer reviews in a few seconds. You can then respond to your customers quickly and effortlessly.

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Yext features

An ideal software solution for customer experience optimization

  • Give your customers a premium experience

    Through on-site search, ecommerce search, local listings, or public information management, you provide your customers with the relevant and quality information they are looking for, anywhere, anytime. 

  • Improve the efficiency of your business

    Search is strategic to your business. Creating local pages optimized for search, managing customer reviews, and tracking customer information via analytics reports are all essential data to optimize your business process. 

  • Benefit from a state-of-the-art platform

    Yext’s artificial intelligence search understands natural language because it is built on a powerful knowledge graph and powered by several optimized algorithms. This makes it easy for you to take advantage of the latest AI advances.

  • Customize Yext to your own needs

    The platform provides SDKs, APIs, and robust documentation to allow your development team to customize Yext. They can then design a custom search experience created specifically for your business.

  • Connect Yext to all essential tools and services

    Yext Knowledge Network connects the Yext platform to more than 100 digital services, including Apple, Alexa, or TripAdvisor. App Directory connects your tools such as Zendesk, Google Data Studio, or WordPress to the platform. These numerous integrations facilitate your work and make the various actions more fluid.

Yext: Pros & Cons


  • Centralization: The platform gathers and manages all your company’s information
  • Functionality: You can check the consistency and the update of your online information, as well as your reputation
  • Evolution: Improvements and updates are constant


  • Customer service: Support can be time consuming and inefficient
  • Pricing: Depending on the services chosen, the cost can be high
  • Complexity: Some features are difficult to understand and this can make it difficult to get good results

Why is Yext better than other Customer Support software?

Yext has more options than Semrush: 136 vs 103

Yext is more versatile than Algolia: 136 vs 24

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Interested in Yext? Get $35,000 credits on Yext with our promo code and save up to $35000.

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