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Taleez offers intuitive tools to modernize your recruitment process, from talent sourcing to application management.

General information about Taleez

Modernize your recruitment process and reduce your costs, from talent sourcing to application management, with the help of Taleez. In today's fast-paced business environment, staying ahead and attracting the best talent is crucial for success. With Taleez, you can bring a new impulse into your business by mastering your entire recruiting process and centralizing all aspects of your recruiting management. No more scattered data and inefficient communication!

With Taleez, you can efficiently manage the distribution of your job offers, allowing you to reach a wider pool of candidates. The smart mailing solution seamlessly sends your job offers to the best job sites, ensuring maximum visibility and exposure. But it doesn't stop there. Taleez goes a step further by analyzing and recommending the most suitable job portals for each recruitment, taking into consideration factors such as your target audience, industry, and location.

Gone are the days of manually posting job offers on multiple platforms and spending hours researching and deciding which job portals to use. Taleez takes care of everything, saving you valuable time and effort. By automating the distribution process and leveraging our expertise, you can focus on what truly matters - finding the right candidates and growing your business.

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Secret's take about Taleez

Recruitment is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but with more resumes and less hay. Since it's important to find the right candidates, you'll need the right tool 🧰

What is Taleez?

Taleez is a French-based recruitment software platform designed to streamline and simplify the hiring process for businesses and organizations 🖥️ It provides a range of tools and features to help recruiters and hiring teams manage job postings, applicant tracking, candidate evaluation, and collaboration. Taleez aims to improve the efficiency of recruitment by centralizing all recruitment-related activities in one platform. It offers features such as job posting management, resume parsing, interview scheduling, and candidate communication, making it easier for recruiters to identify and hire top talent 🌟

Our opinion about Taleez:

Taleez is a great solution for recruiters and HR teams to simplify their recruitment processes and manage their candidates more efficiently. Centralizing all of your various recruitment activities saves you time and resources while searching for top talent for your business 🎯

Taleez Pricing:

Taleez provides 3 different pricing plans for you to choose from depending on the specific recruitment needs of your startup, from unlimited candidates and recruitment to API and webhooks 💰

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Best Taleez alternatives:

Top alternatives to Taleez’s recruitment software include Workable, Greenhouse and Zoho Recruit. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🔍

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

1 deal available for Taleez
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1 deal available for Taleez

Up to $300 in savings

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€300 credit on any plan

€300 credit on any plan

Unlock our Taleez deal and access €300 credit on any plan, saving you up to $300 for your startup. There are over 300+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Taleez promo codes, coupons and credits valid in November 2023.

What is Taleez used for?

Taleez is a game-changer for small businesses, streamlining the recruitment process and reducing costs. It's like having your own HR department, but without the overheads. For instance, a small tech startup can use Taleez to automatically distribute job offers to the most relevant job sites, reaching a wider pool of potential candidates. It also centralizes all recruitment data, eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets and improving communication. The software even recommends the best job portals based on your specific needs. With Taleez, small businesses can focus on selecting the right talent and growing their business, rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Taleez pricing


Contact sales

Automatic multicast

Extension opening process


Customisable URL



/ month

Unlimited recruitments

Customizable forms

Unlimited candidates

Mailing list



/ month

Automation scenarios

Customisable assessment grids

Candidate sourcing extension

Task and appointment management

Taleez features

  • Management & Organization

    A complete toolbox to simplify the follow-up of your recruitments

  • Collaboration

    A complete software to facilitate interactions with colleagues 

  • Multi-diffusion

    To broadcast your job and internship offers in a few clicks

  • Employer Brand

    The essential features to develop your employer image 

  • Statistics

    To follow your recruitments and your candidates in all simplicity

  • Automation

    Create automatic actions to focus on the essentials

Why is Taleez better than other Recruitment software?

Taleez has better positive reviews compared to Deel: 85 vs 63

Taleez is better at customer service than Deel: 4.6 vs 3.5

Taleez is a better solution for customer support than Freshteam: 4.6 vs 4.0

Taleez is a better solution for customer support than Gusto: 4.6 vs 4.5

Taleez has more options than Thankz: 52 vs 20

Taleez is better at customer support than Indeed: 4.6 vs 4.5

Taleez has more options than Indeed: 52 vs 28

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