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The Spylead solution allows you to quickly collect emails from different channels. This allows you to build a B2B database quickly and efficiently. Your marketing becomes more powerful, faster.

1 deal available for Spylead
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1 deal available for Spylead
50% off the monthly/annual Basic or Standard plan

Up to $594 in savings

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50% off the monthly/annual Basic or Standard plan

50% off the monthly/annual Basic or Standard plan

Unlock our Spylead deal and access 50% off the monthly/annual Basic or Standard plan, saving you up to $594 for your startup. Secret has over 250+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS and subscription services for your startup to grow.

General information about Spylead

Creating a list of prospects can be laborious. To save time, improve the relevance of your marketing campaigns and be able to target your audience with reactivity, Spylead accompanies you. This software solution allows you to retrieve emails from verified prospects without any effort.

For a monthly subscription fee, this tool allows you to collect emails from different platforms such as LinkedIn, Sales Nav or Google Maps. Once the data has been collected, you can easily centralize it within Spylead. It is even possible to extract information from Google search results!

The efficiency of Spylead is well proven. With a retrieval capacity of 100 contacts per minute, the SaaS tool takes your marketing to the next level. Indeed, by significantly accelerating the development of a B2B database, you can focus on turning these prospects into customers.

Your team can then design personalized and impactful marketing campaigns based on the information received. Moreover, as every email is checked and updated, you can be sure that your marketing emails reach your target audience.

Spylead is therefore an undeniable asset for your B2B marketing. Thanks to Spylead, you can finally focus on selling your products and services and boost your turnover.

Interested in Spylead? Get 50% off the monthly/annual Basic or Standard plan on Spylead with our promo code and save up to $594.

Spylead pricing



/ month

Up to 1500 contact emails from LinkedIn

Up to 15,000 results from Gmaps and SERPs

Up to 1500 contact infos from Email Finder

Up to 6000 emails verification



/ month

Up to 5000 contact emails from LinkedIn

Up to 50,000 results from Gmaps and SERPs

Up to 5000 contact infos from Email Finder

Up to 20,000 emails verification

Spylead features

Search for leads on all platforms

  • Collect emails on LinkedIn

    From any LinkedIn page, you can find the best prospects. With the Chrome extension, it is possible to retrieve 100 emails per minute. You don’t even need to keep the LinkedIn tab open to achieve this.

  • Create a list of local businesses

    To target prospects in your area, use Spylead to extract data from Google Maps. This way, you can quickly obtain information that you can use directly. Your local marketing will go into high gear!

  • Find email address in the SERPs

    By simply typing a keyword into the Google search results, you can collect verified emails from over 150 sites. This allows you to quickly scrape and boost the effectiveness of your lead generation.

  • Check all lead emails

    To avoid sending emails unnecessarily to old addresses that are no longer in use, you can use the email checker. With just a few clicks, you can import a list and check the deliverability with an accuracy of up to 99.99%.

  • Connect Spylead to your workflow

    Many software applications can be synchronized with Spylead via native integrations. This is the case with Notion, Facebook, Outlook or Slack. You don’t have to change your business processes, Spylead takes care of accelerating them and increasing your performance.

Spylead: Pros & Cons


  • Tool performance: Spylead’s solution finds an email on LinkedIn 85% of the time
  • Speed of execution: The tool is able to find no less than 100 contacts per minute
  • Search versatility: It is possible to search for leads on LinkedIn, Google Maps and Google SERPs.


  • Customer support: Lack of 24/7 support
  • Pricing plans: The pricing of this email search platform is relatively expensive
  • Search customization: Lack of customization features when collecting emails
Interested in Spylead? Get 50% off the monthly/annual Basic or Standard plan on Spylead with our promo code and save up to $594.

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