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Find the right keywords and phrases for your content.

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SimilarContent helps you find the best keywords to use for your content by analyzing your competition and what people are searching for. It shows you which keywords will be most loved by both your audience and search engines in an easy-to-understand way. This helps you write engaging content that both your audience and search engines love.

General information about SimilarContent

The SimilarContent is the ultimate tool for content optimization that guarantees your website's success. Gone are the days of writing random content and hoping it performs well in search engine rankings. With SimilarContent, you can now create highly relevant and SEO-optimized content that will bring in organic traffic like never before.

What sets SimilarContent apart from other optimization tools is its comprehensive analysis of your content, competition, and target keywords. By diving deep into these factors, the app generates a comprehensive list of long-tail search terms that will give your content a competitive edge. It's like having a team of SEO experts working alongside you, identifying the best keywords to target.

But that's not all - SimilarContent goes a step further by predicting how Google will perceive your article before it's even published. This feature saves you valuable time and money by providing insights on whether your content will rank for the chosen keyword. No more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. With this app, you'll have the power to make data-driven decisions and maximize your chances of success.

So why waste time and effort on guesswork? Join us at Secret and unlock the amazing deals we have on SaaS products like SimilarContent. With our platform, you can not only access incredible software but also connect with SaaS experts and a worldwide network of entrepreneurs. Start your journey towards success today by utilizing Secret to find the best SaaS deals.

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Secret's take about SimilarContent

Content writing that is SEO-optimized will have you throwing in random words that, although relative, have no business in your content 🙃: “This product is perfectly suited to young families that like to shop in supermarkets, eat in restaurants together and visit farms to see barnyard animals”… descriptive but not effective 😬

What is SimilarContent?

SimilarContent is a content optimization solution that facilitates you in the search of the right keywords and phrases for your topic, meaning you not only right engaging content for your audience but content that will also give you the best results when it comes to search engine results 👌 The all-in-one content writing tool, as well as a top Google rank predictor, gives you an easy-to-use SEO editor with NLP powered analysis and a readability checker to ensure you produce the best content 🙌 Start with searching your target keyword and build on the results with facts, entities and SEO sentences for optimized and automated content. SimilarContent’s software will then predict the ranking of your newly produced content before publishing it for your audience to see, ensuring you have the best possible spot on the results page 🎯

Our opinion about SimilarContent:

SimilarContent’s tool is the perfect solution for SEO experts, content writers, content marketers or entrepreneurs looking to produce highly-optimized content for their projects 🚀 The software finds the most relevant keywords for you to use in your content, including the power of AI to automate your writing process and know where your topic will be ranked in your audience’s search results. You can write high-quality pieces of text knowing that you will reach your target users wherever they are in the world, with 83 languages supported in keyword results and 95,000 cities & areas covered in your analysis 🌐 Use a solution you can count on for the best results!

SimilarContent Pricing:

SimilarContent gives you the option to pay for what you need with no recurrent payment necessary. The Pro version pricing, however, gives you lifetime access to the tool. Get 3 months free on SimilarContent’s Business plan and save up to $57 for your great content! 😮

- More details about SimilarContent's pricings
Best SimilarContent alternatives:

Top alternatives to SimilarContent’s content optimization solution include Semrush, SE Ranking, Topic and Similarweb. Find great deals for these tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🤩

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1 deal available for SimilarContent
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1 deal available for SimilarContent

Up to $57 in savings

3 months free on the Business Plan

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3 months free on the Business Plan

3 months free on the Business Plan

Unlock our SimilarContent deal and access 3 months free on the Business Plan, saving you up to $57 for your startup. There are over 310+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our SimilarContent promo codes, coupons and credits valid in December 2023.

What is SimilarContent used for?

SimilarContent is a game-changer for small businesses looking to boost their online presence. It eliminates guesswork in content creation, ensuring your articles are SEO-optimized and relevant to your audience. For instance, a local bakery can use SimilarContent to identify long-tail keywords related to 'artisan bread' or 'organic pastries', thus attracting organic traffic from potential customers. The software also predicts Google's perception of your content, allowing you to tweak it for better ranking. Imagine knowing if your new blog post about 'gluten-free baking' will rank well before publishing it! Plus, with Secret's deals on SimilarContent, small businesses can access this powerful tool at a budget-friendly price.

SimilarContent pricing


One time

Optimize 10 articles per day

20 KEI per day

10 ranking predictions per day

10 topic idea generations per day

SimilarContent features

Higher rankings for your webpage

  • Ranking predictor

    Predict where you’ll rank. Ranking Predictor is an innovative tool that uses machine learning to predict the keywords that your content will rank for, even before you publish it. All of the data is powered by machine learning.

  • Readability checker

    Engage your audience with readable content. Improve your site's SEO by making content more meaningful to search engines and more readable by visitors.

  • Topic Ideas Generator

    SimilarContent helps you brainstorm new content ideas and outlines the steps needed to create more on-site SEO content on your site.

  • Real-time LSI Keyword Research tool

    Include words and phrases that search engines and your customers both understand and love.

  • Local SEO tool

    Maximize your business for local searches. SimilarContent's local SEO tool helps you optimize your website, so it ranks higher in local searches.

  • Content optimizer

    Create unique and engaging content that is optimized for SEO. SimilarContent analyzes your content and provides comprehensive suggestions on how to improve it.

  • Competitor analysis

    Discover what your competitors are doing. SimilarContent provides you with detailed insights on your competitors' websites, including their most popular content and keywords.

  • Keyword planner

    Plan your content around the right keywords. SimilarContent's keyword planner helps you identify the right keywords to target, calculates their competition, and provides you with insights on how to use them effectively.

SimilarContent: Pros & Cons


  • Price plan: The optimization platform offers very attractive prices
  • Real-time data: Similar Content measures the relevance of content with SERP results in real time
  • Numerous features: The topic idea generator or the question analyzer are relevant features


  • Analyses can be improved: The platform does not provide detailed information on keyword volumes
  • Trial version: The trial version of the tool only lasts 7 days
  • Learning curve: It takes some time to master the software

Why is SimilarContent better than other SEO software?

SimilarContent is better at customer support than Semrush: 4.6 vs 4.5

SimilarContent is better at value for money than Semrush: 4.4 vs 4.3

SimilarContent has more features than Topic: 52 vs 16

SimilarContent is better at support than HubSpot: 4.6 vs 4.4

SimilarContent is easier to use than HubSpot: 4.5 vs 4.4

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