1 Best Alternatives to Flow in December 2023

Alternatives & Competitors to Flow

  1. 1. Asana
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Here are competitors or alternatives to Flow and other similar Productivity software. You need to consider some important factors when choosing a tool like Flow for your business: the main features of each solution, ease of use of user interface, pricing or value for money for instance. Each software has its pros and cons so it's up to you to choose the best alternative to Flow that meets the needs of your small business. To help you compare each app and choose the right solution, we have put together a list of the best competitors of Flow. Discover sofware like Asana.

List of Alternatives to Flow

From Productivity tools, we have selected the best alternatives to Flow based on reviews for each solution and similarities with Flow. Of course, each solution has its benefits and drawbacks, and its own features but, whether you are a small business, a startup or a large enterprise, you will find the right choice that empowers your projects.

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Asana's platform supports you across work management and project planning. The platform allows you to have more visibility in how your daily work is connected to the company's bigger picture, and how to better organize yourself, communicate more efficiently, manage tasks and deadlines in order to finalize your products, services or deliverables on time; less work about work, and more focus time on what matters most.

Asana compared to Flow

Flow is better at support than Asana: 4.6 vs 4.5

Asana is more user friendly than Flow: 4.5 vs 4.4

Asana is better at value for money than Flow: 4.4 vs 4.3

Asana is better at number of features than Flow: 212 vs 62

Asana: Pros & Cons

Numerous integrations: It is possible to connect many software to the platform
Free plan: The platform offers a free plan, ideal for teams with a limited budget
Dashboard: Asana’s dashboard is user-friendly and allows you to efficiently track different aspects of a project
Limited exports: It is impossible to export data in PDF or Excel format
Progression curve: The numerous functionalities require time to adapt to fully use the platform

Best features

  • - Customize your processes

  • - Visualize project timelines

  • - Get detailed reports

  • - Connect your favorite applications

  • - Facilitate cross-functional collaboration

  • - Automate repetitive tasks

  • - Organize your work in an optimal way

  • - Manage project portfolios

Asana pricing




$11 / user / month


$26 / user / month
6 months free on the Advanced plan (Save $2,400)
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