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The Powr platform allows you to design applications for your website and customize them to your needs. You can collect more leads, increase your sales or improve your customer service.

General information about Powr

If you want to design applications for your website and you don’t know where to start, the Powr platform is the ideal solution. Indeed, it offers you the possibility to to create apps without any prior technical knowledge. Whatever your need, the Powr solution accompanies you in the creation of the application that will make the difference and boost the performance of your business.

Creating an application with Powr is ideal to collect customer data, maximize engagement or reinforce brand loyalty. You can turn your website into a powerful acquisition and loyalty channel by developing adapted applications.

The main advantage of Powr is to be a no-code platform. You don’t need to be a developer to take advantage of all the proposed features. On the contrary, the design is simple and fast. In case of need, you can contact the customer service of the platform at any time to be accompanied and achieve all the goals you have set.

According to Powr, users of this platform observe:

- A 250% increase in contracts collected;

- 3 times more visitors converted into customers;

- 2 times more engagement on social networks;

- Over 100 hours saved on development.

More than 500,000 companies worldwide have chosen Powr to help them build a web application specifically designed to meet their needs. The solution was awarded the Leader Small Business certification in Spring 2023 by G2.

1 deal available for Powr
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1 deal available for Powr

Up to $540 in savings

50% off all annual plans for 1 year

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50% off all annual plans for 1 year

50% off all annual plans for 1 year

Unlock our Powr deal and access 50% off all annual plans for 1 year, saving your startup up to $540. Secret offers 280+ verified deals and discounts on top SaaS software and apps to help your small business save money and grow. Don't wait! Take advantage of our Powr promotional offer and coupon this September 2023.

Powr features

Quickly build website applications

  • Build an app for every need

    Powr allows you to create a web application for each of your needs. Easily design an app to gather leads, improve conversions, generate more sales, display information, support customers or build loyalty.

  • Manage your apps via a dashboard

    Get a single view of all your apps and websites, Within a pleasant interface, create applications, keep track of applications already created, display contacts, but also all payments you have collected.

  • Easily customize your creations

    Design the application you need, easily and without any code knowledge. You can customize all elements of your app such as colors, fonts, button styles, layout or font size.

  • Integrate your apps with your favorite tools

    Connect all your applications to ensure that your application ecosystem works optimally. Powr is able to synchronize with powerful software such as Stripe, Gmail, Shopify, PayPal, Google Sheet or MailChimp.

  • Benefit from a complete help

    With Powr, you are never alone to design your web application. The support team is at your disposal to answer your questions. In addition, receive tips and tricks to effectively manage an online business.

Powr: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use: Powr does not require coding knowledge
  • Versatile tool: The platform is able to help you create apps for all your needs
  • Customization: Everything can be customized within the application (fonts, colors, buttons, etc.)


  • Free version: The apps have some limitations in the free version
  • Interface: Many users would like a better structured and more pleasant interface
  • Website loading speed: Some apps slow down the users’ website
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