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A No-code customer intelligence platform

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To analyze and better understand customer behavior, Pivony is a great ally. This online platform allows you to constantly monitor customer expectations in order to adapt your product and service offer. This way, you can manage your business more serenely and efficiently.

1 deal available for Pivony
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1 deal available for Pivony
6 months free on the Basic plan

Up to $510 in savings

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6 months free on the Basic plan

6 months free on the Basic plan

Unlock our Pivony deal and access 6 months free on the Basic plan, saving you up to $510 for your startup. Secret has over 250+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS and subscription services for your startup to grow.

General information about Pivony

For all marketing professionals, behavioral analysis is a pillar of any successful strategy. It helps to improve the customer journey while facilitating decision making. However, when faced with the huge volumes of data produced, it can become complex to make the most of the data and take full advantage of it. Pivony is the answer to this need. This SaaS platform allows you to understand what users want in a simple and efficient way.

To analyze in a relevant way, Pivony relies on artificial intelligence. The latter, equipped with natural language understanding, is able to exploit your data from all channels, whether internal or external. Thus, the data sources taken into account by this software-as-a-service solution can come from social media, websites or applications, after-sales service tickets, customer reviews, or even live chat. Pivony’s strength is to centralize all this information to ensure data processing in one place. The complete analyses can then be consulted via a complete and ergonomic dashboard.

This customer intelligence and the analysis of information from different databases will allow you to improve the customer experience, the performance of your marketing campaigns, and boost your brand image. The result is better customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

Interested in Pivony? Get 6 months free on the Basic plan on Pivony with our promo code and save up to $510.

Pivony features

Find out what your customers want and improve your offer

  • Connect all relevant data sources

    Pivony supports customer reviews, social networks like Twitter or Facebook, your website, or even applications. Analyze customer behavior across the entire omnichannel journey in a matter of moments.

  • Leverage your internal data

    You can integrate all data from your internal surveys, Zendesk tickets, post-ticket surveys, or even chatbots into the analysis. This allows you to understand customer expectations and improve your customer service.

  • Segment your customer base to target more effectively

    Using internal data connected to Pivony, it is possible to tag your customers according to their expectations. This allows you to accurately segment your customer base to effectively target each audience segment.

  • Take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence

    The Pivony AI engine is able to predict customer sentiments and intentions through in-depth subject analysis. Discover new trends and stay ahead of the competition at all times.

  • Use data to drive your business

    Automatically generate comprehensive PDF reports with one click. Share this data with your employees and managers to guide internal policy and refine your business processes.

Interested in Pivony? Get 6 months free on the Basic plan on Pivony with our promo code and save up to $510.

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