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A testing platform for product teams

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Maze gives you the ability to test concepts. Your employees gain agility and innovation power, as they can validate the different stages of product design more efficiently. In the end, you get a quality product that takes full account of customer feedback.

General information about Maze

Maze’s main asset is to provide startups with a powerful tool to make quicker and more informed decisions. The platform integrates all the tools and functionalities needed for optimal product design.

Your employees can test at every stage of product development. From initial prototypes to synthesis and analysis of user feedback, Maze’s platform allows you to do more, faster. Prototypes, concepts and copy are developed and tested in a more agile way.

What’s more, the solution integrates easily into your workflow, as Maze allows you to work seamlessly and without friction using leading design platforms such as Figma, InVision and Adobe XD.

This makes Maze’s product design platform ideal for creating a powerful product that stands out from the competition. All your employees, whether they are product managers, designers or marketing experts, will be able to increase their productivity thanks to Maze.

In addition, the customer experience is significantly improved because customer feedback is taken into account at every stage. While it is difficult to collect quality customer feedback and integrate it into the product design process, with Maze it becomes a breeze.

1 deal available for Maze
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1 deal available for Maze
6 months free on the Professional plan

Up to $450 in savings

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6 months free on the Professional plan

6 months free on the Professional plan

Unlock our Maze deal and access 6 months free on the Professional plan, saving you up to $450 for your startup. Secret has over 290+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS and subscription services for your startup to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Maze promo codes, coupons and credits valid in June 2023.

Maze pricing


25 viewable responses

1 active project & up to 10 blocks

Closed Card Sorting



Contact sales

Unlimited responses

Unlimited Reach email sends

Unlimited active projects & blocks

Custom templates



/ month

150 viewable responses

1,500 Reach email sends

10 active projects & unlimited blocks

Open Card Sorting

Maze features

A better finished product, faster

  • Test at every stage of the product design process

    Create custom tests to meet your specific needs. With missions, conditions, open-ended questions, card sorting, or 5-second tests, you can build complete, high-performance tests in the shortest possible time.

  • Collaborate more effectively on projects

    With Maze, create team spaces, assign roles and work together on projects. Everyone has access to user information and reports generated by Maze. Together, you can build an unforgettable product.

  • Easily identify user testers

    Create a database of engaged participants from your CRM. You can then segment the users. Finally, transform your research workflow by deploying targeted and personalized email campaigns for each segment.

  • Analyze user data in the best way possible

    Maze Report instantly transforms your test data into the most relevant metrics. From bounce rates to click-throughs to heat maps, you’ll have access to the data you need to significantly increase your ROI.

  • Integrate Maze into your current workflow

    Maze’s platform integrates easily and seamlessly with the product design and productivity software you already use. You can accelerate your workflow by connecting Maze to Figma, InVision, Adobe XD, Sketch or Slack.

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