3 Best Alternatives to Mangopay in June 2023

Alternatives & Competitors to Mangopay

  1. 1. PayPlug
  2. 2. Synder
  3. 3. Venmo

Here are competitors or alternatives to Mangopay and other similar Online Banking software. You need to consider some important factors when choosing the right tool for your business that's similar to Mangopay, like the main features of each solution, ease of use of user interface, pricing or value for money for instance. Each software has its pros and cons so it's up to you to choose the best alternative to Mangopay that meets the needs of your business. To help you compare each service and choose the right solution, we have put together a list of the best competitors of Mangopay like: PayPlug, Synder or Venmo.

List of Alternatives to Mangopay

From Online Banking tools, we have selected the best alternatives to Mangopay based on reviews for each solution and similarities with Mangopay. Of course, each solution has its benefits and drawbacks, and its own features but, whether you are a small business, a startup or a large enterprise, you will find the right choice that empowers your projects.

logo payplug


Omnichannel payment solution for SMEs

Best features

  • - Online payments

  • - In-store payments

  • - Conversational commerce

  • - E-commerce compatibility

PayPlug pricing


$10 / month


$31 / month


$83 / month
3 months off on Pro or Premium plans (except Shopify plugin) (Save $150,000)
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logo synder


Accounting software for e-commerce

Synder: Pros & Cons

User interface: The UX is refined and very easy to use
Pricing plans: Synder’s pricing is competitive with the competition
Customer service: Customer support is easy to contact, pleasant and very competent
History synchronization: It is mandatory to pay for each history synchronization performed
Some shortcomings: It is impossible to attach backup documentation (PDF) to invoices
Quickbooks synchronization: Many users had difficulties connecting the tool

Best features

  • - Improve cash flow with smart payment processing

  • - Accurately track and categorize expenses

  • - Get instant transaction alerts

  • - Access relevant information

  • - Automate repetitive tasks

  • - Keep your data secure

  • - Connect all your applications

  • - Benefit from attentive customer service

Synder pricing


$13 / month


$28 / month


$55 / month


$99 / month


$249 / month
30% off annual plans (Save $356)
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logo venmo


The simple way to send and receive money

Best features

  • - Split the bill

  • - Instant transfer

  • - Pay with Venmo

  • - Venmo rewards

  • - Venmo card

  • - Partial payments

  • - Data synchronization

  • - Secure data storage

  • - Customer engagement

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