3 Best Alternatives to Make in September 2023

Alternatives & Competitors to Make

Discover Make alternatives, competitors and other similar Business Process Management software. When selecting the right tool that's similar to Make, consider factors like user-friendly interfaces, pricing, and features. Each software has its pros and cons so you can decide on the right tool to best suit your small business. We've compiled a list of top Make competitors to simplify your decision. Explore options like Airtable, PhantomBuster or Bouncer to determine the best fit for your startup.

List of Alternatives to Make

From Business Process Management tools, we have selected the best alternatives to Make based on reviews for each solution and similarities with Make. Of course, each solution has its benefits and drawbacks, and its own features but, whether you are a small business, a startup or a large enterprise, you will find the right choice that empowers your projects.

logo airtable


Easily store and organize your data

Airtable compared to Make

Make has more positive reviews than Airtable: 100 vs 97

Make is better at support than Airtable: 5.0 vs 4.6

Make is easy to use compared to Airtable: 5.0 vs 4.6

Airtable has more options than Make: 172 vs 109

Airtable: Pros & Cons

Intuitive to use: The Airtable tool is easy to use
Presence of different views: Depending on your business needs, you can view and display data in different ways
Customization of usage: Via dedicated blocks, the Airtable Cloud solution can integrate additional functionality
High cost: For large companies, Airtable is expensive
Limited integrations: The platform does not connect with some tools
Speed issue: Airtable’s database can sometimes load slowly

Best features

  • - Turn your data into actionable views

  • - Automate your data

  • - Get custom reports in a few clicks

  • - Take advantage of hundreds of integrations and Airtable's powerful API

  • - Collaborate in real-time

  • - Customize your database with field types

  • - Set up notifications and reminders

  • - Visualize data with charts and graphs

Airtable pricing



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$10 / user / month


$20 / user / month


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logo phantom buster


Automate sales and marketing activities, boost your productivity

PhantomBuster: Pros & Cons

Data extraction: This solution allows you to extract data from the 20 most popular platforms
Automation: You can automate your workflow with the platform
Extensive tutorials: Tutorials help you get the hand of the tool little by little
Free account: Phantom Buster does not offer a free pricing plan
Learning curve: Getting started and learning to master the software takes time
Limited integrations: The tool has a limited number of connections to third-party software

Best features

  • - Task automation

  • - Extract data from the web to fuel your business

  • - Schedule automations

  • - LinkedIn booster

  • - Instagram growth machine

  • - Email automation

  • - Lead generation master

  • - Social media analytics

PhantomBuster pricing


$69 / month


$159 / month


$439 / month
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logo bouncer


Reduce bounce rate, improve sender reputation and send emails that convert.

Bouncer: Pros & Cons

High accuracy: The email verification tool is more than 99.5% accurate
Detailed reporting: Analysis helps to understand and effectively address bounce issues
Customer support: The support team is pleasant, knowledgeable and responsive
Data processing: The platform can sometimes be a little slow to process data
Cost of use: The Bouncer solution is relatively expensive
Browser extension: There is no browser extension for this software

Best features

  • - Adapt and optimize your email lists

  • - Adjust and remove bad email addresses

  • - GDPR compliance

  • - Bounce rate estimate

  • - API

  • - Advanced email verification

  • - Customizable verification settings

  • - Bulk verification

Bouncer pricing


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$40 / month


$150 / month


$750 / month
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