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LiveChat gives you access to easy-to-use applications to contact your website visitors directly through a live chat window, and thus increase your chances of conversion.

General information about LiveChat

The LiveChat platform lets you deploy an online chat solution on your website. Thanks to this software tool, you can respond to customer queries as quickly as possible.

With LiveChat’s customer support software, you can significantly improve customer satisfaction. As soon as a customer wants to contact you, all they have to do is send you a message via live chat. You can then reply directly in the application in a matter of seconds. To save time, you can use saved response templates, which are ideal for providing a fast, quality response to users’ most frequent queries. 

LiveChat supports your business growth. This solution saves you time while enabling you to acquire, convert and retain customers via your website.

A range of relevant features make LiveChat the ideal chat software for your startup. For a start, you can view what your user is writing before they send their query. This allows you to be proactive and respond faster to their request. Various elements such as buttons, predefined response choices, product recommendations and an appointment scheduling option complete the LiveChat chat.

Renowned companies such as McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, Adobe, Unilever and PayPal use the LiveChat solution on a daily basis to engage and retain their customers.

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Secret's take about LiveChat

Some support agents are trained in advanced ninja typing techniques. Blink and *boom* your issue is solved. Plus, there’s no such thing as a silly question, including “Can I order a pizza from my computer using Ctrl+P?”… The answer if you’re wondering: Not yet 😉🍕

What is LiveChat?

LiveChat is a customer service and live chat software that gives you the power to engage with your website users in real-time and ensure high customer satisfaction. Integrate a live chat widget into your website so your visitors can ask questions as they explore your business and provide instant responses to their FAQs thanks to the automated interactions that you create. As well as providing top-notch support, you can also manage and organize your tickets efficiently for your team to collaborate on, and also have a complete view on your users’ behaviors, chat history and sources so you can tailor your communication approach accordingly. Streamline your customer interactions and improve communication between your business and users with LiveChat’s platform to build ever-lasting relationships for your growing startup 💬👥🚀

Our opinion about LiveChat:

LiveChat is a reliable customer support software that many startups and businesses across different industries use to nurture their customers and provide them with high-quality assistance. LiveChat’s platform can be customized to suit your needs, whether you are in industries like ecommerce, finance, education, travel or forex. You have all the tools you need to turn your website traffic into actual sales, from real-time interaction with prospective buyers to personalized greetings to finding out more about who or where your customers are. LiveChat’s tool even integrates with your favorite SaaS software, like Shopify, Squarespace, Mailchimp and HubSpot. It’s time to optimize your support strategies with a flexible and scalable software that supports business growth 🌟

LiveChat Pricing:

LiveChat has 4 different pricing plans available for you to choose from when it comes to providing great support to your customers. Each plan has the features your business needs, like different supported channels, chat and monitoring, ticketing systems, and reports. Get $150 in credits for LiveChat’s plans with Secret and save! 💰💡

- More details about LiveChat's pricings
Best LiveChat alternatives:

Top alternatives to LiveChat’s customer service and LiveChat software include Zendesk, Intercom, Freshchat and LiveAgent. Discover great deals for these tools and many more on Secret to start saving! 💯✨

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1 deal available for LiveChat
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1 deal available for LiveChat

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$150 credits (Team, Business and Enterprise Plans)

$150 credits (Team, Business and Enterprise Plans)

Unlock our LiveChat deal and access $150 credits (Team, Business and Enterprise Plans), saving you up to $150 for your startup. There are over 310+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our LiveChat promo codes, coupons and credits valid in December 2023.

What is LiveChat used for?

LiveChat software is a powerful tool for small businesses, providing an efficient and immediate way to interact with customers. For instance, a bakery could use LiveChat to answer questions about ingredients or special orders in real-time, enhancing customer service. The software also allows businesses to anticipate customer needs by viewing their message before it's sent, enabling a faster response. For example, a tech startup could quickly address common queries about product features or pricing. With features like predefined responses and appointment scheduling, LiveChat streamlines communication, saving time and boosting customer satisfaction.

LiveChat pricing


Contact sales

Product training

Software engineer support​

Security assistance

HIPAA Compliance



/ user / month

60day chat history

Basic widget customization

Ticketing system

Data security



/ user / month

Unlimited chat history

Full widget customization

Automated greetings

Basic reporting



/ user / month

Automated greetings

Advanced reporting

Agent groups

Multiple brandings

LiveChat features

  • Optimize customer service performance

    Create and manage tickets from the platform when the question cannot be resolved immediately by chat: categorize them so that the right agents can answer them.

  • Manage teams

    Define groups of agents so that each one can handle requests that match their skills. Set up the number of requests they can handle simultaneously as well as the times they can be called upon.

  • Contact your prospects from multiple channels

    Respond to requests from your website, your application, or via SMS, Whatsapp or Facebook thanks to the many LiveChat integrations.

  • Access reports on your agents and their performance

    Find out how many chats your agents handle, how many missed chats, user satisfaction, response time, chat duration and more.

  • Secure your data

    Connections to LiveChat are encrypted to ensure the security of agent and user data. You can also block spammers.

  • Boost user engagement

    Create a chat that calls out to your visitors and ask them to fill out a form to get their contact information immediately. Centralize all their information in the tool.

  • Set up optimized and customized chats

    Personalize chat and provide your users with quick responses, thanks to saved and predefined answers. Send them documents if needed, and keep track of all your conversations for more personalized responses.

LiveChat: Pros & Cons


  • Customization features: The solution offers a high level of customization
  • Relevant chatbots: Powerful chatbots are able to create tickets and collect leads
  • Software integrations: The Livechat platform has over 200 integrations


  • Message reception: There may be some delay in receiving messages in the chat
  • Security of the solution: The solution is below the competition, especially because of the lack of PCI compliance
  • Spell check: Automatic spell check of agents would be a plus

Why is LiveChat better than other Customer Support software?

LiveChat is easier to use than LiveAgent: 4.7 vs 4.5

LiveChat has more positive reviews than Zendesk: 96 vs 89

LiveChat is better at support than Zendesk: 4.6 vs 4.3

LiveChat has better positive reviews compared to Intercom: 96 vs 90

LiveChat is better at customer service than Intercom: 4.6 vs 4.5

LiveChat has more positive reviews than CallHippo: 96 vs 83

LiveChat is better at support than CallHippo: 4.6 vs 4.5

LiveChat has more positive reviews than Twilio: 96 vs 93

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