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4 Best Alternatives to Ledgy in January 2023

Alternatives & Competitors to Ledgy

Here are competitors or alternatives to Ledgy and other similar Legal software. You need to consider some important factors when choosing the right tool for your business that's similar to Ledgy, like the main features of each solution, ease of use of user interface, pricing or value for money for instance. Each software has its pros and cons so it's up to you to choose the best alternative to Ledgy that meets the needs of your business. To help you compare each service and choose the right solution, we have put together a list of the best competitors of Ledgy like: Karmen, Dougs, Axonaut or IPaidThat.

List of Alternatives to Ledgy

From Legal tools, we have selected the best alternatives to Ledgy based on reviews for each solution and similarities with Ledgy. Of course, each solution has its benefits and drawbacks, and its own features but, whether you are a small business, a startup or a large enterprise, you will find the right choice that empowers your projects.

logo karmen


Karmen is a non-dilutive financing solution for SaaS and subscription companies.

Best features

  • - Easily connect your tools

  • - Get an offer and receive cash < 72 hours

  • - Receive your score and analysis

Zero commission on the first €10,000 financed
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logo dougs


Dougs is a platform that will allow you to be in touch with an online accountant. Available to help you at any time, they will manage your accounting to save you time so you can concentrate on the many other tasks required in running your business.

Best features

  • - Save time and get an up-to-date account overview

  • - Track your figures in real time

  • - Benefit from payroll features

  • - Benefit from advice regarding legal formalities

Dougs pricing

Essential Package

$49 / month

Freedom Pack

$80 / month

Creator Pack

$152 / month
2 months free (Pack Liberté) and 50€ discount on your business registration
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logo axonaut


From sales prospecting to cashing, manage all your company's support activities with Axonaut.

Best features

  • - CRM

  • - Accounting and financial management

  • - HR Management

  • - Customer service management

Axonaut pricing

1 Month

$979 / month
3 months free up to 50 users
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logo ipaidthat


iPaidThat is the tool that will allow you to simplify your accounting. This tool allows you to automatically collate your invoices, pay your expenses, send documents and record the movements of your accounts. All this, to save you time and optimize your financial management.

Best features

  • - Manage outgoing payments

  • - Integrate with your CRM

  • - Automate invoice collection

  • - Manage cash flow easily

  • - Centralize expense reports

  • - Customize and edit invoices

IPaidThat pricing


$76 / month


$103 / month


$260 / month
3 months free on any plan
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