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Real-time status page creation tool

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The SaaS software Instatus allows any business to quickly create an attractive and relevant status page. This way, you can keep your customers informed of the status of services in real time.

General information about Instatus

In order to stay in touch with your customers, satisfy them, and keep them loyal, it is essential that they have access to information about the status of the services you offer at all times. Indeed, a breakdown or malfunction can happen at any time. So you need to be proactive and have a solution for quick status updates.

The Instatus solution has been developed to address these specific issues. In just a few minutes, this online platform generates a nice status page. It displays all the necessary information to the customer in the shortest possible time. In this way, dissatisfaction and frustration do not have time to build up among customers, because you meet their needs before they even have to formulate them.

Customers are satisfied even during service downtime because they have access to quality information. This increases customer confidence in the reliability of your company and significantly reduces the creation of trouble tickets. This reduces the burden on service departments and allows your agents to focus on the tasks at hand.

In short, Instatus keeps customers happy and loyal over the long term. In addition, your company saves valuable time and significantly reduces costs because Instatus makes it possible to deploy powerful status pages at a very competitive rate.

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Secret's take about Instatus

Are you tired of monitoring and managing the uptime and performance of your websites and online services across multiple platforms and tools? 🤯 Say hello to Instatus, the all-in-one website and service status monitoring platform that can simplify your life! 🌐💻

What is Instatus?

Instatus is a website and service status monitoring platform designed to help businesses effectively track and communicate the health and availability of their online services 🔍 It provides a comprehensive set of features and tools that enable companies to monitor uptime, track incidents, and notify users in real-time. Instatus streamlines status monitoring processes and empowers businesses to ensure the reliability and performance of their online services 💡

Our opinion about Instatus:

Instatus is a powerful website and service status monitoring platform that offers businesses the tools they need to effectively monitor and communicate the status of their online services 📊 It caters to a wide range of businesses, including startups, online retailers, and SaaS providers, providing them with a user-friendly interface and robust monitoring features. Instatus's real-time status updates, incident management, and customizable status pages make it easy for businesses to track and communicate service availability, minimize downtime, and enhance customer trust. By using Instatus, businesses can streamline their status monitoring, improve incident response times, and provide a transparent experience to their users 🚀📢

Instatus Pricing:

Instatus offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of different businesses and monitoring requirements. Whether you're a small website owner or a large enterprise managing multiple online services, Instatus has pricing options that align with your specific monitoring needs. Get 1 year free on the Pro plan with Secret and save up to $240 for your business! 💰

- More details about Instatus's pricings
Best Instatus alternatives:

Top alternatives to Instatus’s website and service status software include Freshservice, Pingdom, UptimeRobot and Statuspage. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🔧

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Customer Success Manager

1 deal available for Instatus
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1 deal available for Instatus

Up to $240 in savings

1 year free on Pro Plan

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1 year free on Pro Plan

1 year free on Pro Plan

Unlock our Instatus deal and access 1 year free on Pro Plan, saving you up to $240 for your startup. There are over 310+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Instatus promo codes, coupons and credits valid in December 2023.

What is Instatus used for?

Instatus is a vital software for small businesses aiming to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. It provides real-time updates on service status, preventing customer frustration from unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions. For instance, an e-commerce site can use Instatus to inform customers about any issues with the checkout process, reducing the number of abandoned carts. It also minimizes the workload on customer service departments by reducing the number of trouble tickets, allowing them to focus on resolving existing issues. Ultimately, Instatus not only enhances customer trust but also saves time and reduces operational costs.

Instatus pricing



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99.99% Uptime SLA

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Instatus features

Inform your customers online at any time

  • Easily automate your status

    Save time by automating your status page with over 10 monitoring integrations. You can connect the solution with many popular services including Pingdom, Datadog, Uptime Robot, New Relic and PagerDuty.

  • Communicate your status with ease

    Instatus allows you to define your components and service groups. With a few clicks, you can add incidents, maintenance periods, and templates. Your customers are always aware of the technical status of your online services.

  • Quick and easy customization

    Instatus allows you to customize your status page with ease. Change and adjust your logo, colors, HTML, CSS, and JS codes to create a seamless brand experience for your customers.

  • Inform customers in real time

    With Instatus, your company’s customers have access to reliable information and know the status of the service at all times. You can send them updates via the channel of your choice: SMS, email, Slack, Webhooks, MS Teams or Discord.

  • Build customer loyalty

    With Instatus, your customers don’t have to create trouble tickets and wait for a response. You are proactive and give them the information they want in a timely manner. You build customer loyalty by providing an excellent customer experience.

  • Get real-time SMS and email notifications

    With Instatus, you can instantly send updates to your customers via SMS and email. Get your message across quickly and efficiently, letting your customers know exactly what's happening with their service.

  • Connect with popular chat platforms

    Instatus now integrates with popular chat platforms like Slack, MS Teams, and Discord. Keep your customers up-to-date and informed on their preferred channel.

Instatus: Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced customer communication: Instatus provides a platform for seamless communication with your customers to keep them updated and satisfied
  • Streamlined project management: Instatus helps you stay organized and efficient in managing your startup's tasks and projects
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts: With Instatus, you can easily monitor your website's uptime, performance, and receive instant alerts


  • Limited features: Instatus may lack certain advanced features required for complex business needs
  • Potential integration issues: Integration with other software tools may be limited or challenging with Instatus
  • Scalability challenges: Instatus might struggle to handle large volumes of users or data as your business grows

Why is Instatus better than other IT Management software?

Instatus has more positive reviews than Freshservice: 100 vs 94

Instatus is better at support than Freshservice: 4.8 vs 4.5

Instatus has more positive reviews than Jira: 100 vs 90

Instatus is better at support than Jira: 4.8 vs 4.0

Instatus has more positive reviews than Spiceworks: 100 vs 89

Instatus is better at support than Spiceworks: 4.8 vs 4.0

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