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An efficient and secure digital safe

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Hypervault ensures the security of all company data. Passwords, customer information, technical data, or documents are centralized and perfectly secure.

General information about Hypervault

Data security is a fundamental issue for any company or team. However, the multiplication of channels, the increase in the volume of data and passwords makes the security procedure more and more difficult. The easiest way to save yourself time and effort is to use Hypervault.

This SaaS solution takes the form of a digital safe. It can contain all types of sensitive data. For this reason, it is suitable for many profiles: companies (passwords, customer data), accountants (pay slips), or even developers (technical data from databases, FTP, APIs, license keys).

Secure from the outset, Hypervault meets the most stringent standards in terms of secure storage. GDPR compliant, it ensures that electronic documents and other data are stored within the European Union.

In terms of functionality, this software guarantees that you will be able to dematerialize and store data to the extent that you expect. Employees, customers, and partners can collaborate online via dedicated workspaces. Confidential data can be structured according to the data models you need to optimize your organization.

All of this significantly improves team productivity. People will no longer have to worry about data integrity, as everything will run smoothly and naturally.

Opting for Hypervault means access to comprehensive storage for your digital documents. You can protect yourself from data theft without even thinking about it.

1 deal available for Hypervault
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1 deal available for Hypervault

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50% off all plans for 1 year

50% off all plans for 1 year

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What is Hypervault used for?

Hypervault is a SaaS solution that serves as a digital safe for all types of sensitive data, making it ideal for small businesses. It simplifies data security by consolidating all information into one secure location, eliminating the need for multiple passwords and channels. For instance, a small business can store customer data, payroll information, and technical data securely. Hypervault also facilitates online collaboration in dedicated workspaces, improving team productivity. It adheres to stringent security standards and is GDPR compliant, ensuring data is stored within the EU. With Hypervault, small businesses can focus on growth without worrying about data security.

Hypervault features

Secure your data, your customers’ data, and your partners’ data

  • Use Hypervault for any business

    This secure vault has been designed to fit any industry. IT service providers, agencies, freelancers, accountants, businesses, or developers can efficiently secure the data that is critical to their business.

  • Benefit from top of the range security

    Security is at the heart of Hypervault. The solution offers two-bill authentication (2FA), end-to-end 256-bit military-grade AES encryption, and a zero-knowledge protocol. This keeps your data safe from malicious acts.

  • Customize your data models

    Take control of your data. Hypervault lets you create your own data models to store specific data, such as contracts, customer information, and software licenses. You can also customize existing templates.

  • Access your data on-the-go

    With Hypervault's mobile app, you can access and manage your data from anywhere, at any time. This feature is perfect for entrepreneurs who are always on the move and need to stay on top of their business.

  • Integrate with your favorite apps

    Hypervault integrates seamlessly with your favorite third-party apps, such as Dropbox, Zapier, and Google Drive. This feature allows entrepreneurs to streamline their workflow and optimize their productivity.

  • Optimize your organization effortlessly

    A single account allows you to log in to different workspaces. You can then create nested folders up to 5 levels deep, add tags, and find any information with the built-in intelligent search.

  • Keep track of your activity log

    Hypervault's activity log keeps track of everything that happens in your workspace, such as changes made to files, user actions, and login attempts. This feature gives entrepreneurs peace of mind by ensuring the security and integrity of their data.

  • Collaborate in a totally secure way

    Hypervault is built for collaboration. Create teams, invite collaborators, customers or partners. Then assign roles and permissions. Then you can share sensitive data with only the right people.

Why is Hypervault better than other Legal software?

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Hypervault is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than Foxquilt: 100 vs 85

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