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All-in-one platform to understand your website visitors' behavior

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Howuku will help you understand user behavior when on your website, so you can make the right optimizations and increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

General information about Howuku

Howuku is the ultimate solution that encompasses all the features you need to gain valuable insights into your website's visitors. With this powerful tool, you can analyze and understand their interactions, identify what catches their attention, and determine the factors that trigger their interest. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions to optimize and enhance your website's performance.

Running tests and experiments is crucial for any business seeking to bolster its conversion rates. Howuku provides you with the necessary tools and capabilities to effortlessly test different variations and evaluate their effectiveness. By continuously optimizing and refining your website, you can create a seamless user experience that maximizes conversions and drives growth.

But Howuku doesn't stop at just analytics and testing. It goes the extra mile by offering unique engagement features. You can use the platform to interact with your visitors, asking for their feedback and opinions, and fostering meaningful conversations. Whether it's through email or in-app messaging, Howuku ensures that you can efficiently capture and nurture leads.

In today's competitive business landscape, gaining a competitive edge is paramount. Howuku empowers you with the insights and tools you need to stay ahead of the curve. By leveraging its comprehensive feature set, you can unlock the true potential of your website and drive sustainable growth.

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Secret's take about Howuku

If you’ve been searching for an all-in-one website optimization tool, let us introduce you to Howuku 🚀 This SaaS platform helps you collect valuable user data through tools like website surveys and heat maps. But that’s not all.

What is Howuku?

Howuku is a comprehensive user analytics and conversion optimization platform designed to help businesses understand user behavior, analyze website performance, and optimize conversions 💻 With Howuku, businesses gain access to a range of powerful tools and features that provide deep insights into user interactions, allowing them to make informed decisions for website optimization. Howuku simplifies the process of analyzing user behavior and optimizing website experiences. By integrating the platform into their websites, businesses can track user interactions, conduct heatmaps, gather feedback through surveys, and run A/B tests 📊

Our opinion about Howuku:

Howuku caters to businesses of all sizes and industries that rely on their websites for online presence and conversions 📈 Whether you're an e-commerce store, a SaaS company, or a content-driven website, Howuku empowers you to enhance user experiences and boost conversions. Marketers, UX/UI designers, and business owners can leverage Howuku to gain insights, optimize their websites, and drive growth. Howuku offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking to optimize their websites for better user experiences and higher conversion rates. It provides robust analytics and visualization tools that make it easy to understand user behavior and identify areas of friction 🚀

Howuku Pricing:

Howuku has 3 different pricing plans available for you to choose from, with different features to suit your needs. Get 50% off Howuku for 1 year with Secret and save up to $600 for your startup! 💰

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Best Howuku alternatives:

Top alternatives to Howuku’s user analytics software include Hotjar, Heap and LiveSession. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 💡

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1 deal available for Howuku
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1 deal available for Howuku

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50% off for 12 months

50% off for 12 months

Unlock our Howuku deal and access 50% off for 12 months, saving your startup up to $600. Secret offers 280+ verified deals and discounts on top SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't wait! Take advantage of our Howuku promotional offer and coupon this September 2023.

Howuku pricing



/ month

40,000 page views per month

3 month data storage

1 account user

Unlimited recordings



/ month

150,000 page views per month

6 month data storage

3 account users

Segment alerts



/ month

300,000 page views per month

12 month data storage

5 account users




/ month

750,000 page views per month

12 month data storage

10 account users

Custom branding and domain

Howuku features

  • Analyse website traffic

    Learn more about where your users come from and discover, with a conversion funnel, why they didn't convert.

  • Get real-time insight into your customers

    Access session recordings and dynamic heatmaps to see what your visitors do during their visit to your website, and the pages or buttons that drive the most engagement and clicks.

  • Optimize your website

    Personalize content to target specific audiences and run A/B tests to see how optimizations are performing.

  • Collect user feedback

    Creates widgets and pop-ups to ask user opinions and feedback on the elements that matter the most.

  • Automate engagement

    Send texts, emails, or Telegrams when a specific action is triggered by a user.

  • Track user behavior

    Howuku allows you to track user behavior while they interact with your website, including click maps and scrolls that show you where users are most engaged on your site.

  • Abandoned cart recovery

    With this feature, you can send automated emails to users who have added items to their cart but haven't completed their purchase, increasing the chances of converting those leads into sales.

  • Customizable surveys

    Build customized surveys to collect feedback from your users directly on your website, enabling you to make informed decisions based on your users' needs and behavior.

Why is Howuku better than other Customer Experience software?

Howuku has more positive reviews than Amplitude: 100 vs 95

Howuku is better at support than Amplitude: 5.0 vs 4.6

Howuku has better positive reviews than Hotjar: 100 vs 98

Howuku is better at customer support than Hotjar: 5.0 vs 4.6

Howuku is better at customer service than Sentry: 5.0 vs 4.6

Howuku is easy to use compared to Sentry: 5.0 vs 4.6

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