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Freshdesk Messaging is the tool that will allow you to optimize your customer service by communicating with your prospects through various messaging channels. The centralization of all your conversations in one inbox, as well as the creation of chatbots, will boost the efficiency of your team and the satisfaction of your customers.

General information about Freshchat

The Freshchat platform is live chat software designed for sales, support and customer engagement teams. This software tool gives you the ability to exchange with your prospects or customers from all essential channels, including your website, mobile app or the social networks used by your startup.

By using Freshchat, you can accelerate your business by facilitating the work of all your collaborators. You’ll be able to offer a unified, high-quality experience across all key channels.

Relevant features enable you to go beyond simple discussions. First and foremost, Freshchat gives you a choice of weapons: messaging, live chat, email or voicemail, everything is possible to engage your customers wherever they are.

To offer self-service to your most demanding customers, the platform is capable of deploying bots based on artificial intelligence. This ensures a permanent presence of the web.

But that’s not all! Freshchat is also a workspace for your agents, proactive customer journeys to turn every interaction into a sales opportunity, and comprehensive data analysis tools.

Over 60,000 companies have already adopted Freshchat. These include organizations and companies such as Klarna, Blue Nile, make my trip, Travix and Harvey Norman.

With Secret’s promotional offer, take advantage of a preferential rate and start using the Freshchat platform right away, with substantial savings.

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Secret's take about Freshchat

Live chat really is the unsung hero of virtual communication these days. Not only do you have a semi-secret identity but you also have the power to sip on your coffee while still wearing your pyjamas AND save the day with the best responses ☕️💻🦸‍♂️

What is Freshchat?

Freshchat is a cloud-based customer messaging SaaS solution that allows you to engage with your customers in real-time through various different channels, like a website chat, mobile app chat, social messaging apps, and more 💬 The features provided by the software help you and your customer service teams deliver personalized and efficient support, such as chatbots, AI-powered automation and chat routing. Freshchat gives you the power to stay ahead of any potential issues that may arise for your customers and gives you insightful views into your customers’ behaviors and your team’s performance so you can identify any gaps and improve the effectiveness of your customer support. Turn any of your customer engagements into revenue-generating opportunities thanks to Freshchat’s personalized and flexible messaging tool 📱🌐

Our opinion about Freshchat:

Freshchat is a convenient solution for startups, SMBs and larger businesses to streamline their customer support processes and improve their customers’ journeys 🚀 The platform allows you to reach your customers wherever they are and from their choice of channel, from messaging to live chat to email and to voice calls. Your customer support teams have the ability to direct customer inquiries to the appropriate person faster, meaning your customers receive quicker, higher quality responses and resolution rates are higher. What’s more, Freshchat provides you with the vital data you need to make relevant decisions for your startup to improve your customer support strategy and create long-lasting relationships with your users. Start with personalized, engaging conversations with your customers and watch your business scale! 📈

Freshchat Pricing:

Freshchat has 4 pricing plans available for you to choose from, starting from Free! Each plan is billed per user and includes different features based on your startup’s needs, like the number of campaign contacts, bot sessions, and more. Get 90% off Freshchat’s Pro plan for 1 year with Secret and save up to $100,000 for your customer support! 💰

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Best Freshchat alternatives:

Top alternatives to Freshcat’s cloud-based customer messaging SaaS solution include Intercom, Zendesk, Live Chat and Help Scout. Discover great deals for these tools and more on Secret to start saving! ⭐️

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1 deal available for Freshchat
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1 deal available for Freshchat

Up to $100000 in savings

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year
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90% off the Pro plan for 1 year

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year

Unlock our Freshchat deal and access 90% off the Pro plan for 1 year, saving you up to $100000 for your startup. There are over 300+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Freshchat promo codes, coupons and credits valid in November 2023.

What is Freshchat used for?

Freshchat is a versatile tool for small businesses, enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales. It serves as a hub for all customer interactions, whether through your website, mobile app, or social media. For instance, a bakery could use Freshchat to handle online orders, answer queries about products, and even take special requests. The AI-powered bots can handle after-hours inquiries, ensuring your business is always responsive. It also provides valuable data analysis, helping you understand customer behavior and preferences. For example, a boutique could analyze chat records to identify popular items and trends. With Freshchat, small businesses can offer big-business customer service.

Freshchat pricing


Up to 100 agents

100 campaign contacts

Chatbots and analytics

Inbox views



/ user / month

Up to 2,000 bot sessions per month

500 campaign contacts

Assignment rules

Canned responses



/ user / month

Up to 3,000 bot sessions per month

500 campaign contacts

Auto resolve

Live translate



/ user / month

Up to 5,000 bot sessions per month

500 campaign contacts

Allowed IPs and domains

User authentication

Freshchat features

Optimize customer communication and satisfaction

  • Respond quickly to customer requests with the chatbot

    Quickly and easily create a single chatbot for all your applications. This way, you can provide 24/7 customer service.

  • Optimize team management

    Automatically predefine which members are assigned to which conversations by defining their role on the platform.

  • Get real-time performance reports

    Freshdesk Messaging allows you to get personalized reports on your team, as well as on each team member, in real-time.

  • Communicate with customers via your various messaging apps

    Whether your customers use Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, or other, you can communicate with them through all these channels, using a single inbox.

  • Boost your team's productivity

    Each message received is centralized in a single platform, and predefined responses are set up to be able to answer as quickly as possible. Conversations can also be assigned to certain agents in a few clicks.

  • Communicate in 33+ languages

    Freshdesk Messaging allows you to choose among 33+ languages, the one that suits you best for your messaging. With its live translator, you can also communicate instantly with your customers and prospects.

Freshchat: Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use: The interface is easy to learn and intuitive
  • Customization: The chat window can be modified according to your needs and desires
  • Features: The online chat software offers many advanced services and can be easily integrated with other tools


  • Price: The software is more expensive than most of its competitors
  • Mobile: The mobile experience is less conclusive than the desktop version
  • Missing integrations: Some users need specific integrations that are not present

Why is Freshchat better than other Customer Support software?

Freshchat has better positive reviews compared to Joonbot: 79 vs 0

Freshchat is better at customer service than Joonbot: 4.2 vs 3.6

Freshchat is better at customer service than Salesforce: 4.2 vs 4.0

Freshchat is easy to use compared to Salesforce: 4.5 vs 4.0

Freshchat is easier to use than Zendesk: 4.5 vs 4.3

Freshchat has more options than Help Scout: 79 vs 71

Freshchat is more versatile than JivoChat: 79 vs 77

Freshchat is better at number of features than Reply io: 79 vs 56

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