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A simple solution to manage all your telephony needs: call center, customer support, sales, daily calls, etc.

General information about Freshcaller

With Freshcaller, you don't need expensive and cumbersome hardware to manage your phone communications, everything is dematerialized. This means that not only can you save on the upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining traditional phone systems, but you can also eliminate the need for physical infrastructure like phone lines and handsets. Your customer service/support teams, your sales people, and all your employees can easily work remotely, overnight, without technical and logistical complexity.

In today's world, the ability to work from anywhere is more important than ever. Whether it's due to a global pandemic, the need for flexible work arrangements, or simply the desire for a more agile business model, businesses are increasingly embracing remote work. Freshcaller enables you to seamlessly transition to a remote work setup, allowing your team to stay connected and productive no matter where they are located.

But it's not just about working remotely. Freshcaller offers additional features that can revolutionize your customer service and sales processes. One of these features is Voicebots, powered by AI. These intelligent bots can automatically manage certain customer and prospect requests without the need for human intervention. This not only saves time and resources, but also ensures a faster and more efficient customer experience. By leveraging AI technology, Freshcaller takes customer service to the next level, enabling you to provide exceptional support around the clock.

In conclusion, Freshcaller is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their phone communications and enhance their customer service capabilities. With its dematerialized infrastructure and advanced features like Voicebots, Freshcaller allows you to work remotely, reduce costs, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Secret's take about Freshcaller

Are you tired of using old-fashioned landlines to contact your customers? 📴 Say goodbye to outdated methods and make the switch to Freshcaller! With this software, you can streamline your customer calls like a pro 👨‍💼

What is Freshcaller?

Freshcaller is a cloud-based call center software that provides you with powerful features to manage and streamline your customer calls 🚀 It comes with a ton of advanced features like call routing, call masking, multi-level IVR, and more. Plus, it's user-friendly interface and easy integration with other software tools make it one of the best call center solutions out there today 🌟

Our opinion about Freshcaller:

Freshcaller is a game-changer for businesses that rely on customer calls 🙌 With its feature-packed system, you can manage all your calls and customer contacts with ease, ensuring a seamless communication experience every time. Features like the mobile app and call forwarding make it even more convenient for you to stay in touch with your customers while on the go 🚗

Freshcaller Pricing:

Freshcaller has different pricing plans to cater to businesses of all sizes. Plus, if you're a Secret member, you can get access to 90% off Freshcaller’s Pro plan for 1 year and save up to $100,000 for your startup! 🤑

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Best Freshcaller alternatives:

Top alternatives to Freshcaller’s call center platform include CallHippo, LiveAgent, Aircall and Yodel. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 💡

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1 deal available for Freshcaller
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1 deal available for Freshcaller

Up to $100000 in savings

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year
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90% off the Pro plan for 1 year

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year

Unlock our Freshcaller deal and access 90% off the Pro plan for 1 year, saving you up to $100000 for your startup. There are over 310+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Freshcaller promo codes, coupons and credits valid in December 2023.

What is Freshcaller used for?

Freshcaller is a game-changing software for small businesses, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution for phone communications. It eliminates the need for physical hardware, reducing upfront costs and logistical complexities. This makes it ideal for remote work, enabling teams to stay connected from anywhere. For instance, a sales team can handle client calls from home, ensuring business continuity. Additionally, Freshcaller's AI-powered Voicebots can handle customer queries 24/7, improving response times and customer satisfaction. For example, a customer support team can use Voicebots to handle common queries, freeing up time to handle more complex issues. Overall, Freshcaller enhances communication efficiency and customer service quality.

Freshcaller pricing


Buy local numbers

Buy toll free numbers

Inbound caller ID

Desktop notifications



/ user / month

Up to 2,000 incoming minutes per month

Number porting

Basic call queues

Wait queues



/ user / month

Up to 3,000 incoming minutes per month

Holiday routing

Advanced call metrics

Call barging



/ user / month

Up to 5,000 incoming minutes per month

Speech enabled IVR

Abandoned call metrics

Service level monitoring

Freshcaller features

  • Simplified number management

    Keep your existing phone numbers, buy local or international numbers, use your phone provider or choose one of Freshcaller's partners. Everything is simple and flexible.

  • Set up and management of call centers

    Manage and customize answering machines by time and customer profile, share phone lines, block spams, and all of this from a single solution.

  • Performance monitoring & reporting

    Listen to live calls, operate at any time, record calls and track your performance with a personalized dashboard.

  • Collaboration & productivity

    Easily initiate conference calls to avoid endless call transfers and minimize the risk of escalation when resolving a problem.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

    Impress your customers with a professional IVR system that guides them to the right department or agent, reducing wait times and increasing satisfaction.

  • Advanced call analytics

    Dig deeper into your call metrics with real-time analytics, filtered views, and custom reports that help you optimize your performance and grow your business.

  • Call routing and queuing

    Ensure your calls always get answered with customized call routing and queuing options, so your customers are never left waiting in limbo.

  • Multi-level permissions

    Grant access to particular features, internal notes, and call recordings based on each team member's role, maximizing security and transparency.

Freshcaller: Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use: Freshcaller offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to set up and manage their call center operations.
  • Integration capabilities: Freshcaller integrates well with other Freshworks products and third-party applications, enhancing overall workflow and productivity.
  • Scalability: The platform is scalable, allowing businesses to expand their call center operations as their needs grow.


  • Limited advanced features: Some advanced call center features might be lacking, which could be a limitation for businesses with complex requirements.
  • Pricing structure: Depending on the required features, pricing can vary, and some businesses may find it less cost-effective compared to other solutions.
  • Learning curve: While the interface is user-friendly, there might still be a learning curve for new users, especially those new to call center software.

Why is Freshcaller better than other Call Centers software?

Freshcaller has more features than LiveAgent: 63 vs 62

Freshcaller has more features than CallHippo: 63 vs 48

Freshcaller is more versatile than Yodel: 63 vs 47

Freshcaller is better at customer support than Vonage: 3.8 vs 3.7

Freshcaller has more options than Vonage: 63 vs 52

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