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Fraud Blocker’s online solution helps you protect your ad campaigns from click fraud. So you can focus on your marketing strategy and improve the performance of your ads.

General information about Fraud Blocker

Some competitors may use what is called click fraud against you. They will use a malicious person or program to click on the advertisements you're running on the internet. By doing so, your advertising budget will be spent unnecessarily and you will not be able to reach your goals. Don’t think that this only happens to other people, as about 20% of all digital ad spending is affected.

For this reason, it is very relevant to use a specialized solution like Fraud Blocker. This platform is dedicated to the fight against this type of online fraud. It will automatically block bot traffic and all other malicious sources.

In total, Fraud Blocker protects you from six types of fraud: bots, click farms, your competitors, malicious publishers, accidental clicks and vengeful customer clicks.

To keep you safe from all these threats, Fraud Blocker offers comprehensive and relevant features:

- 24/7 fraud monitoring;

- Click analysis and scoring;

- Customized blocking rules;

- Real-time email alerts;

- Automated reporting;

- Exportable IP addresses.

The operation is very simple. You just have to place the detection pixel directly on your website. You then connect your Google Ads account, and Fraud Blocker will immediately start analyzing the traffic to identify possible sources of fraud. Of course, if fraud is detected, the all-in-one solution will prevent your ads from being displayed on these fraudulent sources. This way, you preserve your advertising budget and succeed in targeting your audience.

One of the advantages of Fraud Blocker is that it works with any website. You can install this powerful tool on a Magento, Joomla!, WordPress, Wix or Drupal website.

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Secret's take about Fraud Blocker

Are you tired of constantly worrying about fraudulent activities and the security of your business? 🤯 Say hello to Fraud Blocker, the all-in-one fraud prevention software that can make your life a whole lot easier! 💻

What is Fraud Blocker?

Fraud Blocker is a comprehensive fraud prevention platform designed to help businesses protect themselves against fraudulent activities ❌ It provides advanced features and tools that enable companies to detect and prevent fraud, safeguard sensitive customer data, and secure their operations. Fraud Blocker empowers businesses to identify suspicious transactions, implement robust security measures, and minimize financial losses due to fraudulent activities 📉

Our opinion about Fraud Blocker:

Fraud Blocker is a powerful fraud prevention software that offers businesses the tools they need to effectively mitigate the risks associated with fraudulent activities 📊 It caters to a wide range of industries, including finance, e-commerce, and online marketplaces, providing them with cutting-edge solutions to combat fraud and protect their customers' trust. By implementing Fraud Blocker, businesses can enhance their security measures, reduce chargebacks, and maintain a safe environment for their customers to transact with confidence 🔒

Fraud Blocker Pricing:

Fraud Blocker offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of different businesses and their fraud prevention requirements. Pricing is typically based on factors such as transaction volume, industry type, and additional features or services required. Get 25% off the Starter and Pro plans for 1 year with Secret and save up to $207 for your startup! 💰

- More details about Fraud Blocker's pricings
Best Fraud Blocker alternatives:

Top alternatives to Fraud Blocker’s fraud prevention software include Kount, Riskified and Forter. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🔍

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

1 deal available for Fraud Blocker
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1 deal available for Fraud Blocker

Up to $207 in savings

25% off the Starter and Pro plans for 1 year

Deal selected

25% off the Starter and Pro plans for 1 year

25% off the Starter and Pro plans for 1 year

Unlock our Fraud Blocker deal and access 25% off the Starter and Pro plans for 1 year, saving you up to $207 for your startup. There are over 310+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Fraud Blocker promo codes, coupons and credits valid in December 2023.

What is Fraud Blocker used for?

Fraud Blocker is a crucial tool for small businesses aiming to optimize their digital advertising efforts. It safeguards your advertising budget by preventing click fraud, a common issue where competitors or bots click on your ads, wasting your resources. For instance, a local bakery running online ads can use Fraud Blocker to ensure their ads are reaching genuine customers, not bots or competitors. The software offers 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerts, and automated reporting, providing peace of mind and allowing businesses to focus on growth. Plus, its compatibility with various website platforms makes it a versatile solution for all.

Fraud Blocker pricing


Contact sales

Over 100,000 ad clicks

Unlimited websites

Automated Google Ads blocking

User management controls



/ month

Up to 5,000 ad clicks

1 website

Fraud traffic scoring

VPN & proxy blocking



/ month

Up to 10,000 ad clicks

5 websites

Network blocking

Dedicated account manager

Fraud Blocker features

Block fraud and save your money

  • Customize your use of Fraud Blocker

    Customize the Fraud Blocker platform to your needs to ensure your anti-fraud performance. Adjust the detection rules proposed by the tool according to your own needs and modify the frequency of clicks or the VPN thresholds as you wish.

  • Collaborate easily and efficiently

    Work closely with your collaborators. Invite collaborators and assign them roles in a few clicks, then customize access to all essential features such as adding new domain names.

  • Real-time alerts

    Receive notifications in real-time when Fraud Blocker detects something suspicious happening on your website. Prevent losses and stay on top of your business with this must-have feature.

  • Detect fraud with a dedicated solution

    Analyze your website traffic in real time and rate each user based on a dozen criteria. The tool analyzes all traffic sources 24/7, determines if it is fraudulent and adjusts the score in real time to protect you.

  • Block fraud sources automatically

    Solve the problems at the source and without wasting time. The online Fraud Blocker solution, integrated with your Google Ads account, allows you to block any source of fraud via automatic blocking and adds IP addresses to an exclusion list.

  • Get full support

    The Fraud Blocker team is available at any time to answer your questions and to help you in your fight against fraudsters. Contact their agents by phone or email at any time to get personalized and relevant advice.

  • Advanced reporting

    Stay informed about your website's traffic with Fraud Blocker's advanced reporting. Easily access key metrics to help you make informed business decisions and optimize your ads.

  • Multi-device compatibility

    Keep your business secure on-the-go, with Fraud Blocker's multi-device compatibility. Get alerts, see traffic patterns, and block fraud sources from your phone or tablet, whenever and wherever you are.

Fraud Blocker: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use: Fraud Blocker is easy to use and configure
  • Improved performance: The solution helps reduce invalid clicks and increases ad performance
  • Varied features: The tool offers numerous relevant features like blacklisting and device fingerprinting


  • Fraud blocked: It would be interesting to see how much fraud is blocked at the campaign level
  • Missing connections: Some users would like to connect to Bing Ads or Facebook

Why is Fraud Blocker better than other Security software?

Fraud Blocker is a better solution for customer support than Norton AntiVirus: 4.6 vs 4.2

Fraud Blocker is easier to set up than Norton AntiVirus: 4.5 vs 4.4

Fraud Blocker is better at value for money than Webtitan: 4.4 vs 4.2

Fraud Blocker is a better solution for customer support than Cloudflare: 4.6 vs 4.4

Fraud Blocker is better at customer service than Duo Security: 4.6 vs 4.5

Fraud Blocker is better at support than Onelogin: 4.6 vs 4.0

Fraud Blocker is more suitable for small businesses thanks to its good value for money than Onelogin: 4.4 vs 4.3

Fraud Blocker is better at customer service than Auth0: 4.6 vs 4.0

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