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Cloud & Web Hosting Software promo code – March 2023

Cloud & Web Hosting Software

Cloud and web hosting is the ideal solution to outsource storage needs without the need to deploy a costly infrastructure in-house. Hosting companies provide different turnkey services depending on the specific needs of the customer.

17 products available
logo aws activate

AWS Activate

Amazon's cloud services platform

Efficiently develop, deploy and maintain high-performance and scalable applications.


$5,000 in AWS credits for 2 years (up to $5,000)
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logo google cloud

Google Cloud

Cloud services by Google

Google Cloud helps you accelerate your business transformation by giving you the cloud services you need.


2 deals available - Up to $200,000 in credits for 2 years (up to $200,000)
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logo microsoft for startups

Microsoft for Startups

Growth assistance program for startups

With its Startups program, Microsoft gives a boost to startups by offering them free Azure cloud credits.

Up to $120,000 in Azure Cloud Credits (up to $120,000)
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logo digital ocean


Cloud Computing Platform

Easily develop and deploy your apps in complete security. Scale your business and manage your infrastructures with confidence.

$1,000 credits over 12 months (up to $1,000)
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logo ovhcloud


Internet hosting, Cloud and dedicated servers

OVH Cloud makes it possible to control your production chain, from design and development, to the deployment of your projects, websites and apps.

Up to $120,000 in OVHcloud credits for 1 year (up to $120,000)
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logo ibm cloud

IBM Cloud

Complete cloud platform to manage your data and processes.

With more than 170 products and services, IBM Cloud makes it easy to manage all your business operations from the cloud: database management, AI, blockchain, security, analytics, everything is available and easily integrated.

$1,000/month in IBM Cloud credits for 12 months (up to $12,000)
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logo cloudways


Cloud hosting service

Cloudways is the tool that will help you launch a faster website in no time. You choose from top servers such as AWS, Digital Ocean, or Google Cloud, and configure your website's launch in a few clicks.

30% off for 3 months (up to $86)
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logo scalingo


Cloud hosting platform

Scalingo is a cloud hosting platform that allows developers to work serenely on their prototypes from development to production. They can host their apps easily without having to worry about server management.

€1,000 credit for 6 months (up to $1,000)
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logo scaleway


Cloud computing for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

Scaleway provides the foundation for your startup's digital success

€500 in Scaleway credits for 6 months (up to $500)
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logo wp engine

WP Engine

Ensure a faster and higly secured website

WP Engine solution will drastically simplify your website hosting and ensure its security.Rapidly create your website, and make it 40% faster with the solution's tools.Stop wasting time on-site maintenance: WP Engine has everything you need.

3 months free on annual plans (up to $159)
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logo cherry servers

Cherry Servers

Versatile Infrastructure Services on a Private Cloud

Cherry Servers is committed to offering private and secure cloud infrastructure to small and medium businesses world-wide.

30% off any plan for 12 months (up to $104)
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logo usecsv


A solution to add data import to your app

In a few steps, UseCSV allows you to add data import to your application. This way you can offer your customers a better experience in a quick and easy way.

6 months free on the Scale plan (up to $2,994)
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logo rocket


Wordpress hosting platform

The Rocket platform offers you the opportunity to grow your business by creating fast, secure and optimized websites. This all-in-one solution also makes it easy to set up and manage the website.

50% off for 12 months (up to $600)
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logo servebolt


Online hosting solution

If you’re looking for ultra-fast hosting, Servebolt is what you need. It is a cloud service provider that guarantees security, scalability and speed to all its customers.

60% off any plan for 1 year (up to $4,672)
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logo hostinger


All-in-one web hosting solution

More than just a web hosting platform, Hostinger is a complete solution for designing and hosting a website. It’s the ideal online tool to launch your business on the internet with ease.

10% off for 12 months (up to $144)
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logo snowflake


A platform to increase the growth of your startup

To support the development of startups, Snowflake offers a programme specially designed for them. Snowflake for Startups offers startups all the necessary elements (financial, technical, and marketing resources) to create successful applications...

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logo render


Cloud hosting solution

Render is a unified cloud hosting platform. It allows you to create and run your websites and applications with a combination of performance and ease of use. Render’s strength is that it adapts to all your needs by providing the resources to bring...

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About Cloud & Web Hosting

How to switch web hosts?

When the web host does not give complete satisfaction, it is possible to change it. It is then necessary to migrate your website to another provider. If the migration is a common procedure, it must then be carried out with care in order not to lose essential data.

There are several inescapable stages necessary in the switching of hosts:

- Select, purchase, and activate a new hosting account

- Backup files and databases

- Move all data (files, databases, email accounts, etc.)

- Transfer DNS records from your old host to your new one

- Configure the new space according to your needs

- Perform content checks on the site

Most hosting companies, like WP Engine, offer free website migration. It is therefore possible to change web hosting very easily and without having to worry about technical settings.

How to choose a web host?

To begin with, it is essential to choose a web host that corresponds to the needs of each project. Indeed, a simple showcase site does not require the same type of hosting as a large e-commerce site.

While a showcase site or a blog will work perfectly well with shared hosting, a site with a lot of traffic requires a dedicated server. If agility and growth capabilities of the project are essential, then VPS hosting running on virtual private servers is ideal. Finally, cloud hosting is indicated for large scale-projects where security and load controls are elements to be taken into account. 

In any case, it is advisable to have a long-term vision and to foresee from the start the likely evolution of the project. The review of the needs must be take into account essential points such as:

- The number of domain names

- The necessary bandwidth

- The storage capacity

- The number of email addresses

- The level of security

- The tools you might need (Wordpress, Prestashop, etc.)

It is by defining your needs in a precise way that makes it possible to find the ideal configuration. Finding a web host dedicated to the needs of your company will then be much easier.

What is cloud hosting compared to web hosting?

Web hosting offers the customer access to a server to store all the files necessary for the proper functioning of the website. The server is selected and configured according to the user’s needs.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, refers to hosting on many servers. These servers are linked together and form a network. This solution is ideal to ensure the scalability of web projects. Even with a significant increase in load, cloud hosting remains as efficient as ever. In addition, this solution is also more resilient, as data can be stored on servers spread across multiple data centers. In the event of a breakdown or fire, the files are perfectly secure.

Which web host should I choose?

Whether you are an individual or a professional, finding the perfect web hosting for your project requires you to define your needs. By putting the most important points are the host you are looking for in black and white, the search will be easier and faster.

Depending on the nature of the project and its scope, criteria such as unlimited bandwidth or a certain number of email addresses will be taken into account. Secondly, to guarantee optimal security of the data stored via the host company, it is essential to choose a solution that includes essential elements such as anti-DDoS protection or free SSL/TLS certificates. These factors improve the protection against denial of service attacks and guarantee data security through digital security certification.

Although some web hosting companies are popular, the most important criterion is the match between the services offered and the specific needs of your web project.

What is cloud web hosting?

Cloud web hosting relies on the power of cloud solutions to improve hosting performance. The website or application is then hosted in several interconnected servers.

This hosting solution then allows access to a cluster that uses the resources of this decentralized network performance. In concrete terms, many servers work as one. For this reason, cloud hosting offers superior agility and data security capabilities.

How much does web hosting cost?

It is difficult to precisely define the cost of hosting. Of course, everything depends on the site and the options chosen. Thus, a shared hosting will be less expensive than a dedicated hosting, but its performance will be lower.

Many factors influence the price: disk space, monthly traffic, the number of email addresses, or the number of MySQL databases.

For all these reasons, the price can vary from a few euros to several hundred, depending on your needs.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is simply the storage of all the elements that allow a website to function. Indeed, a website is above all made up of code files and a database. To allow everyone to consult it worldwide, the site and its constituent elements must be put online.

For this reason, web hosting provides servers to store this information. A server is a computer with storage space and an operating system like Linux or Windows.

The interest in outsourcing this task is to delegate the 24/7 maintenance of the site to a specialized team.

What is shared web hosting?

In the case of shared web hosting, several websites share the same server. Therefore, the hardware resources of the machine such as RAM or processor capacity are common to the different sites involved.

This fast and inexpensive solution is ideal for small projects, or beginners.