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Sales prospecting and selling are made up of a multitude of steps and interactions. As a result, a massive amount of data is created throughout the customer journey. To optimize the sales and customer loyalty processes, CRM is the ideal solution. It guarantees responsiveness and efficiency to the different departments of the company. Customers are then more satisfied than ever while your company significantly increases its sales and profitability.

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Organize teamwork and increase productivity

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CRM, marketing automation & customer service...

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CRM software for SMEs

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CRM software

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About CRM

What are the best CRM software?

On the market, some software is considered to be essential. They have numerous and relevant functionalities to take your company’s efficiency to the next level. Whether you’re a small business, a medium-sized company, or a large corporation, there are CRMs for every need.

Let’s start with the famous Salesforce Essentials. This CRM software is particularly well suited to small and medium-sized businesses. Far from being full of complex features, this tool is efficient. It centralizes data and allows you to manage your sales prospecting, your customers, and your transactions in a few clicks. Moreover, it has an excellent integration with tools such as DocuSign, Dropbox, Active Campaign, or Zapier. It is therefore the ideal CRM tool to start with.

Freshworks CRM software has all the features that you might need. We can note the presence of contact management, sales pipelines, lead scoring, or even advanced reporting. One of the strengths of this software is that it offers powerful automation features provided by artificial intelligence. You can then save time and significantly increase your profitability.

To optimize your actions and centralize your information, Zendesk is very relevant. The integration with many tools allows you to access important information. In addition, you improve your reactivity, because AI-based bots answer your customers. Your customer service is then efficient, because it is very available, which does not prevent your employees from taking over if necessary. The different steps are thus optimized and the customer advisors can focus on the customer relationship. Your prospects and customers are pleasantly surprised and your retention rate is improved.

What is a CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is the essential tool of any marketing strategy. It allows, as its name indicates, to manage the various interactions that exist between the company on the one hand and the customers or prospects on the other hand.

Integrated into the company’s information system, it allows access to customer data from different channels at any time. For this reason, CRM tools intervene throughout the customer journey and are thus very important elements of customer satisfaction.

Used by small and medium-sized companies as well as by large groups, the CRM solution is used by employees to ensure a follow-up of the customer relationship and offer a quality service.

What is the purpose of CRM?

A business management software meets two objectives:

- For the company, it will help optimize sales

- For the customer, it is essential to benefit from a customer experience that meets expectations

First of all, CRM software is an indispensable part of the digital transformation of companies. This is because it eliminates the need for time-consuming searches for information about customers or their orders. On the contrary, a CRM optimizes the customer relationship, because, at any time, employees have access to all customer interactions and associated data. This eliminates time-consuming tasks and allows them to focus on the essential: the quality of the customer experience.

The work of various employees is more fluid since they have access to all of this data from all communication channels (email, social networks, telephone, etc.). This data is presented in centralized, ergonomic, and easy-to-use dashboards. In addition, it is possible to automate certain tasks to optimize the workflow and improve productivity. All this allows the company’s sales force to be structured in order to carry out relevant and efficient sales actions.

If CRMs are excellent marketing tools for prospecting, they are also useful during the sales process as well as for customer management in the context of after-sales service. In concrete terms, the CRM database allows you to respond quickly to customer needs thanks to a qualitative customer follow-up. It is then possible on the one hand to build customer loyalty by offering pleasant interactions, and on the other hand, to personalize the offers according to each customer.

The coordination of the collaborators and the fluidity of the access to the information allow to create a synergy between each pole. Contact management, sales pipeline visualization, customer service tools, and data analysis improve performance at every stage. In the end, the customer is also a winner, as he/she benefits from a seamless, personalized, and pleasant omnichannel customer journey.

How to use a CRM?

To use a CRM effectively, you need to distinguish its two main uses: customer understanding and customer satisfaction.

Firstly, the CRM tool is able to collect strategic data on leads or customers. The analysis of the data also allows for a better understanding of the needs of the customer and his behavior. This allows you to adapt your communication and sales strategies in order to increase the conversion rate.

Moreover, a better understanding of the customer base is also essential to satisfy existing customers and ensure their loyalty. It is then in the context of customer service that CRM takes on its full meaning. The employees working in the customer service department can identify in a few seconds the identity of the customer, his last interactions with the company, or the problems encountered. They are then more reactive and respond perfectly to the requests that are addressed to them.