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To ensure the success of your company, it is necessary to pay particular attention to productivity. It is essential to achieve the profitability you expect. Productivity gains allow you to make significant savings while improving the performance of your teams. This increase in productivity can concern many areas: monitoring working time, making collaborative work more fluid, archiving documents, etc. The key is to use the most relevant tools if you want to see productivity growth in the workplace.

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Organize teamwork and increase productivity

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Easily store and organize your data

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A no-code solution for workflow automation

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Google Workspace

A complete suite to improve employee productivity

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Easily manage all your projects and become more...

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Organize teamwork and increase productivity

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CRM, marketing automation & customer service...

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Easily store and organize your data

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Enhance team communication and collaboration.

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Collaborative project management tool

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Infrastructure for video delivery on the Internet

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All your documents and data in one place.

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Video and audio editing, as easy as a doc

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Online collaborative whiteboard

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Remote teamwork management

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Your codeless collaboration platform

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Collaborate on projects and share data in a single...

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Collaborate remotely with your teams

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Digitize manual tasks via no-code business apps and...

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The workspace for you and your remote teams

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Work Better, Together

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Slab is a knowledge hub for the modern workplace.

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Task and project management software

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Simple but powerful goal management software

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Intelligent, flexible and intuitive ITSM software

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About Productivity

How can productivity software help small businesses?

Small companies do not have the financial and human resources of large companies. For this reason, productivity plays an important role in the success and sustainability of the company.

Increasing productivity covers many different realities:

- Creating a pleasant workspace

- Setting up instant messaging

- Simplifying email management

- Automating asset creation tasks

- Facilitating note-taking

- Maintain employee concentration

- Deploy a working time monitoring system

- Optimize time use

All of these elements make it possible to increase the efficiency of the teams. In concrete terms, you relieve the teams by making their work more fluid. Tasks with low added value are eliminated or automated. This allows employees to concentrate on tasks with high added value. This reduces their stress, improves their self-confidence, and their positive assessment of the company.

In addition, it is possible to identify inefficient tasks via dashboards, graphics, and statistics. You can then effectively optimize processes to save time and resources, and increase your turnover.

What are the main types of productivity software?

There are many tools available to improve productivity. But what exactly are we talking about? These software solutions are many and varied. For this reason, they can be very different in nature. To better understand the scope of the field, it is relevant to define the 4 main types of software on the market.

Project management

The first category allows the centralization of information and actions of the different collaborators. This makes it possible to manage projects efficiently via dashboards and timelines that are as effective as they are ergonomic. The most famous software in this respect is Trello or Asana. With them, it becomes easy to distribute and follow the tasks of the different team members.

Save time

Another way to increase productivity is to track the time spent on different tasks. A better understanding of the time spent on low and high value-added tasks is ideal for optimizing the organization of tasks. In this way, it becomes easy to save time by improving processes step by step. Toggl or Time Doctor fall into this category. 

Streamline collaboration

A collaborative platform is essential to centralize exchanges and share documents in a few minutes. Everyone knows what to do and when. Employees can add comments or access the most important information at any time. One of the most used tools to facilitate team collaboration is Notion.

Storing documents

Finally, an efficient team must be able to store or share data at any time. A SaaS solution is therefore ideal for increasing productivity. Each employee will be able to access the space via a simple internet connection and will be able to find the file they need or store a document within minutes. Such a collaborative tool is necessary to ensure that no documents are lost and that everyone can work efficiently on joint tasks. Google Drive is a good example of this.

What are the most popular productivity tools?

Increasing productivity requires the acquisition and use of powerful and proven productivity tools. To help you in this task, we recommend some well-known software to help the overall productivity of your employees.


One of the most effective productivity tools is Notion. It centralizes project management. The various employees of a project can access the tasks assigned to them. Once a task has been completed, a simple drag and drop is all that is needed to indicate that the task is complete and move on to the next one. In this way, the whole team has a global view of the progress of the projects. Various table templates are available and can be easily customized to suit your needs. In this way, it takes only a few seconds to design a roadmap, a schedule, or to centralize meeting notes.


Documents are essential elements for optimizing collaborative work and increasing productivity. For this reason Coda allows you to centralize all your documents, data, or files in one place. Various documents, whether Word files or Excel spreadsheets, can be centralized in the tool so that each employee can work on them. Thus, all the essential tasks such as the company budget, the follow-up of stocks, or the follow-up of commercial activities can be gathered within Coda. Project management, meeting organization, and collaboration are all tasks that become more fluid and efficient using this tool.


Increasing productivity concerns all aspects of the company. An effective and impactful strategy requires the large-scale production of quality visuals. To save you time and boost team productivity, Abyssale allows you to generate thousands of variations of the same content in seconds. Thanks to Abyssale, your staff will no longer waste time on repetitive tasks with little added value. Indeed, the production of advertising banners or images is automated by this tool. Numerous iterations can be produced in different formats. Marketing teams are then able to focus on the essentials and deploy effective campaigns on social networks or different communication channels.