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Marketing is the set of techniques that allow your company to design a product adapted to your target, to sell it, and to continuously improve it. Marketing is thus a set of tasks and actions that are as complex as they are essential to the growth of your company. For this reason, you need to acquire the most relevant marketing tools to achieve all your business objectives.

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logo sendgrid


Marketing and transactional email delivery service.

$1,800 in credits for 1 year

Save up to $1800

Add credits to your account


logo sendinblue


Centralize marketing and sales tools to increase...

75% off on the annual Premium Plan

Save up to $1500


logo mailjet


A collaborative platform for your emailing campaigns

6 months free on the Premium plan (50,000 emails/month)

Save up to $300


logo zendesk


Create a customer success support suite that is...

6 months free of both Zendesk Suite and Sales CRM (any edition) + 15% off for 12 months

Save up to $50000


logo monday


Easily manage all your projects and become more...

1 year free on any annual plan

Save up to $680


logo hubspot


CRM, marketing automation & customer service...

90% off the 1st year (then 50% off the 2nd year and 25% off lifetime)

Save up to $7000



Communication and marketing automation platform

12 months free for Startup Basic Plan

Save up to $1800


logo weglot


Make a multilingual version of your website quickly...

20% off for 1 year

Save up to $1000


logo hubspot


CRM, marketing automation & customer service...

30% off the 1st year (then 15% off the 2nd year)

Save up to $2000



logo constant contact

Constant Contact

The must-have marketing platform for your business

50% off for up to 1 year on the Core and Plus plans.

Save up to $246


logo encharge


Automated and behavior-based marketing emails

50% off for 1 year

Save up to $3594



logo omnisend


The all-in-one tool for e-commerce marketing

30% off the monthly Pro Plan

Save up to $212


logo mailmodo


All all-in-one email marketing platform

50% off up to 8 months

Save up to $1000


logo activecampaign


Marketing automation for your growth

90% off any annual plan for the first year. 

Save up to $1610


logo favikon


A platform to develop your influence strategy

50% off on all plans up to 1 year

Save up to $1494


logo warmbox


The essential ally for your email campaigns

30% discount for 1 year on any plan

Save up to $103


logo octopulse


Optimize your SEO and increase your inbound website...

6 months free on Octopulse Pro + 10% off your first SEO order

Save up to $114


logo signitic


Solution for centralizing email signatures

6 months free on Signitic

Save up to $120


logo phantom buster

Phantom Buster

Automate sales and marketing activities, boost your...

25% off on any plans for 12 months

Save up to $2000


logo semrush


Be more visible in search results and increase...

1 month free on Guru plan

Save up to $229


logo intercom


Strengthen relationships with your customers with an...

95% off on the Advanced Intercom features and on the Early Stage Academy

Save up to $1132


logo agorapulse


Manage all your social media with an all-in-one tool

30% off on the annual Pro and Premium subscriptions

Save up to $670


logo dokey


Boost your traffic and convert more through your...

1 month free on the Team's plan

Save up to $149


logo freshworks crm

Freshsales Suite

CRM software

$1,250 in credits (credits only apply on the Pro Plan)

Save up to $1250


logo engagebay


All-in-one marketing, sales and support software

6 months free on All-in-One Growth Plan

Save up to $180


logo email list validation

Email List Validation

Audit email lists and optimize campaign...

1 million verified emails for $99

Save up to $900


logo similarcontent


Find the right keywords and phrases for your content.

3 months free on the Business Plan

Save up to $57


logo hunter


Collect professional email addresses fast and...

30% off on any yearly plan

Save up to $210


logo socialbee


Social media management tools

50% off the plan of your choice for 6 months

Save up to $237


logo mailivery


Email deliverability optimization tool

50% off for the "Outreach Starters" plan

Save up to $240


logo usetopic


The easy way to produce the best SEO content

40% off for 3 months

Save up to $358


logo viralstat


See what trends your competitors are following and...

50% lifetime discount on Pro Plan

Save up to $17820


logo bouncer


Reduce bounce rate, improve sender reputation and...

50,000 email verification credits

Save up to $100


logo freshmarketer


All-In-One Conversion Optimization Suite

$1,250 credit (credits only apply on the Pro Plan)

Save up to $1250


logo mailtag


Email extension that will boost your sales

50% off any plans (monthly and annual) lifetime

Save up to $2338


logo imageseo


WordPress plugin to optimize the SEO referencing of...

6 months free on Standard Plan (1500 images)

Save up to $72


logo e-goi


Multichannel marketing automation solution

6 months free on Starter plan (5000 contacts max)

Save up to $260


About Marketing

Which marketing tool is best for small businesses?

A good marketing tool combines efficiency, cost control, and usability. Here is our selection of the best marketing solutions in SaaS mode.


If you want to celebrate all your marketing and sales tools, Sendinblue is a must. With this tool, you will be able to communicate more easily with your prospects to convert them into customers. Audience segmentation allows you to accurately target qualified leads to improve your profitability and achieve your business goals. In addition, the automation features will allow you to save time and money by streamlining the work of your employees.


CaptainData allows you to accelerate your marketing efforts. It identifies prospects, finds the email addresses to contact them and enriches your database with the information collected. All this allows you to target these prospects precisely and send them marketing content. Moreover, the integration with famous tools such as Salesforce, ColdCRM, or Airtable reinforces the relevance of this marketing solution.


Mailjet is specifically designed to boost the effectiveness of your email and SMS marketing campaigns. First of all, the tool offers you the possibility to create attractive or engaging emails in a few clicks. Secondly, thanks to data analysis, you can segment your audience to address your emails or SMS to the right person at the right place. This efficiency is ideal for significantly improving your acquisition and conversion rates.


Hubspot is not only dedicated to your marketing strategy. It manages the entire customer relationship from acquisition to customer service. As part of your marketing efforts, Hubspot will make it easy to create acquisition campaigns across all channels. You can drive traffic to your website or improve your conversion rate. Then, the automation and data centralization features will allow you to respond to customer enquiries to retain acquired customers.

Is marketing necessary for a startup?

Marketing and communication are two pillars of any company, whatever its sector of activity or size. Indeed, marketing will enable you to support your business development. It is essential because it meets several key objectives.

Firstly, relevant marketing will present your products in a clear and attractive way. This allows your customers to better understand the product or service you offer. In addition, an innovative or fun approach will create a special bond between your company and your target audience. This allows you to develop a brand image, in particular by producing so-called brand content. So marketing is not just about advertising. On the contrary, it is a rich field that allows sales teams to sell your product more easily, but also to better understand and respond to customer expectations.

Marketing campaigns are therefore necessary for a startup, as they will streamline your efforts by deploying an action plan and market research. A well-defined marketing strategy helps you to improve your company’s growth, optimize its operations, and acquire new market share for your new product.

What factors should influence your choice of marketing tools?

There are many factors that can influence your choice when you decide to buy marketing tools. However, the most important thing is to clearly define your objectives. By doing so, you will be able to more easily recognize which software has advantages for your business.

In all cases, a marketing tool aims to improve the effectiveness of teams. From product marketing to improving the customer experience, marketing tools can encompass very different realities. However, they should save time by reducing repetitive tasks. Marketing automation solutions are therefore perfectly suited to a startup. They ensure that you free up valuable time and use it wisely to drive your business or take on creative tasks.

Whatever the type of tool, it must:

- Be easy to use for your employees

- Have a serious and reactive support to facilitate the use of the solution in case of problems

- Be able to grow with your business

- Ensure a relevant omnichannel experience

- Integrate with many business tools

- Enable accurate and comprehensive data analysis

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy will allow you to streamline your actions. Its scope is wide, because a good strategy is capable of boosting your brand image, promoting market share, but also increasing customer satisfaction. It should be thought of as a virtuous circle where product design and improvement are partly based on customer feedback and cost rationalization.

To make your company known, your marketing actions must include elements related to local visibility and visibility on the web in general. This is where SEO comes into its own, as you will be able to be found more easily on the internet by prospects by positioning yourself favorably in search results. In doing so, you attract visitors by using what is known as inbound marketing. At the same time, you can reach your target group via advertising campaigns. This is called outbound marketing. These two aspects are complementary and inseparable from a good digital strategy.

To define a successful digital marketing strategy, you will also need to develop your typical customers or personas. This is essential for audience segmentation. You can then effectively target your prospects to attract and convert them more easily.

So a marketing strategy is as important as it is complex. It can range from mobile or web marketing to emailing strategy. It is this multiplicity of marketing approaches that makes it necessary to use the right tools. They ensure that you save time and improve the effectiveness of your strategy.