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Data Management Software

The integration of data within the business strategy is important. SMEs, large companies, or startups, all are concerned by this revolution. Data is indeed a strategic asset whose quality and relevance must be preserved. Collected and analyzed, it is essential for the creation of products and services that meet customer expectations. This is why it is necessary to enhance the value of data through specific software tools.

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About Data Management

What is data management?

Data management refers to all actions aimed at collecting, storing, securing, and analyzing data in an efficient way. While respecting current legislation such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the data management procedure will allow you to take advantage of and transform data into a competitive asset.

Indeed, the reports obtained by exploiting the data can identify opportunities, optimize the supply chain, improve customer satisfaction, or facilitate retail expansion strategies.

To do this, data management is based on several essential pillars:

- Create, update, and access data

- Ensure data storage

- Ensure data recovery in the event of an incident

- Analyze data accurately

- Leverage data in service design

- Maintain data security

- Comply with all data-related regulations

Thus, effective data management is a complex procedure that relies on the consideration of many parameters. In this context, the integration of data into a secure database will be as important as the protection of personal data.

It is this difficulty in making the most of data that makes it necessary to set up an appropriate strategy and to use proven management solutions.

What are the best data management tools?

The company’s data, whether it comes from internal or external sources, is inseparable from its success. That’s why you can’t compromise on the quality of the software solutions you use to collect, store, and analyze it. To help you deploy a data-driven strategy, we present some of the most powerful software solutions.


For collecting and processing your data, Panoply is perfect. This SaaS-based solution centralizes data very simply. Indeed, without the need to code, it is possible to connect more than 40 different data sources to the tool. The data is then stored and can be analyzed via the platform. Panoply offers plug-and-play compatibility with many business intelligence tools. This allows you to leverage your data and effectively manage your business by taking advantage of the benefits of business intelligence. Finally, the platform is robust, with an availability rate of 99.99% and security that complies with SOC 2 and HIPAA standards. Panoply is always there when you need it.

Microsoft Power BI

This solution is ideal for quickly integrating data and enjoying relevant visualizations. Data can be quickly analyzed, highlighted, and shared with different teams. The data is presented via ergonomic dashboards and respects the best requirements in terms of security and data governance. In addition, collaboration is at the heart of the tool. It is therefore ideal for allowing different departments to work together on the data collected. Microsoft Power BI is also a reliable Big Data solution that is capable of handling unstructured data. The volumes can be counted in petabytes of data. All this allows you to integrate the quantity of data and the quality of the data required for your BI strategy.

Oracle Enterprise Data Management 

If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable solution to manage your enterprise data, Oracle Enterprise Data Management is one of the best offerings on the market. With just a few clicks, the tool offers you the possibility to load your data in a simple and efficient way. You will be able to access consolidated and consistent data that will allow you to perform quality analyses in record time. In addition, the reports provided by Oracle Enterprise Data Management are comprehensive, clear, and professional. They are suitable for creating and monitoring data-driven projects, especially since this platform is compatible with many programming languages. It is therefore a versatile and powerful solution for your teams.

Why is it important to manage your data securely?

It is one thing to use data, but at the same time you have to be concerned about its security. There are many reasons for this. To begin with, some of the data comes from the users. You have a moral and legal obligation to ensure that it does not leave your company. Otherwise, it could be used outside the GDPR framework or worse, it could be used for illegal activities. Your customers could be directly concerned and your brand image could be negatively and permanently impacted. This is therefore a pitfall to be avoided absolutely.

In addition, data retention also faces the issue of trade secret security. It is imperative that you preserve your strategic data sets so that they do not fall into the hands of hackers or competitors.

For all these reasons, data security is a very important part of data management. Regardless of the size of the company or the types of data, it must be managed responsibly.

This approach must integrate many crucial points for a security at the height of the stakes:

- Access control and user authentication

- Data encryption and security

- Data backup and recovery

- Data resilience to meet any eventuality

- Consideration of current regulations

By using the right techniques and software tools, you can address these issues.