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Auth0 is a platform offering very useful tools to deploy online authentication systems. It allows each user to connect via their login and password in a secure and pleasant way. Retail, financial services, or B2B SaaS, Auth0 adapts to all types of business.

General information about Auth0

IT security and data confidentiality are two major issues for online businesses. However, it is when a user has to provide authentication data to access a company’s services that this problem is the most acute. The difficulty is then to reconcile confidentiality, convenience, and security. The strength of Auth0 is to secure access to a connection space while preserving the customer experience and personal data.

The SaaS mode platform proposed by Auth0 allows your teams of developers to to work efficiently by easily integrating secure access. This can concern your end customers, your business partners, and your employees.

Moreover, Auth0 adapts to all sectors of activity and all business needs. You can therefore set up reliable authentication means and reinforce security on your website or mobile application.

Registration, identification information, access and transactions, the identity and security offered by Auth0 go far beyond the simple connection space. The solution allows for the detection of bots, integration with social networks, but also authentication by steps. Finally, the Auth0 platform can be used to customize all the authentication functions you may need and thus access an authentication application really adapted to your company.

1 deal available for Auth0
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1 deal available for Auth0
Auth0 free for 1 year

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Auth0 free for 1 year

Auth0 free for 1 year

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Auth0 features

Reduce security risks with a modern authentication solution

  • Integrate the most relevant authentication

    Auth0 allows your customers, partners, and collaborators to log in securely. You can choose between universal login, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, or even passwordless authentication.

  • Build a better customer identity solution (CIAM)

    To provide an optimal user experience and reduce any risks related to online security or personal data compliance when authenticating a user, Auth0 helps you perfectly manage your customers’ access and identity.

  • Benefit from a complete access management

    Define roles for all end users of your online applications and services. Depending on the user and their role, access to the appropriate resources will be unlocked through the dedicated API that enables dynamic access control.

  • Access a customized authentication solution

    Every company has its own identity needs. With Auth0 Marketplace, you can quickly find the solutions you need via apps and APIs. Plus, developers customize Auth0 with actions, rules, and hooks.

  • A global security platform

    In addition to managing the authentication of each user account, Auth0 intervenes at every stage of identity management: registration, login, access, and transactions. Each business sector can deploy relevant solutions such as bot detection at each stage.

Auth0: Pros & Cons


  • Flexibility of the tool: Auth0 allows you to customize the whole authentication and authorization process
  • Certifications: The platform meets the highest compliance requirements such as ISO
  • Numerous integrations: The authentication tool offers various integrations with third-party software


  • User interface: The ergonomics of the Auth0 platform can be improved
  • Customer support: The customer service too often refers to the documentation during support tickets
  • Documentation: Tutorials and documentation could be more extensive
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