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Ashby’s software guides you through the entire recruiting process to find the best candidates. Relevant to both growing startups and IPOs, Ashby helps you achieve recruiting excellence.

General information about Ashby

Successfully recruiting the best talent is critical to achieving your goals and improving your growth. However, the recruiting process can be complex, and you can’t afford to get it wrong or you’ll experience high turnover.

With Ashby, an integrated solution designed to help companies hire, your recruiting team can become much more efficient. This will turn recruiting into a real competitive advantage.

Get started in seconds by building a network of talent. Find emails and send personalized sequences. Automated processes save you time while maintaining performance. Once you’ve identified suitable profiles, the SaaS-based tool lets you schedule appointments twice as fast. The user experience is designed to improve the recruitment process for both candidates and recruiters.

In addition, you get a clear view of the talent pipeline and applicant tracking. Color-coding ensures that you don’t miss any candidates and that you can keep track of them.

Designed to grow with your business, Ashby’s recruiting platform provides the right functionality for every stage of your growth. From advanced hiring process analytics to automated scheduling to data privacy, everything is done so you can focus on running your business.

Many companies have chosen Ashby to manage the recruitment process. These include Brightline, Coder, Deel, EightSleep and Marqeta. On average, recruiting teams observe a 50% reduction in the cost of recruiting thanks to the consolidation and a hiring time that is up to 2 times faster.

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Secret's take about Ashby

Introducing Ashby, a game-changing solution designed to revolutionize your recruiting process and empower your company to hire the best talent with ease! 👀

What is Ashby?

Unlock the potential of your startup or small business with Ashby's scalable and budget-friendly applicant tracking system 💪 Discover the power of building a talent network in seconds and reaching out to potential candidates with personalized sequences. With Ashby, you can save precious time by automating processes that maintain high-performance standards, giving you a competitive edge in the recruiting process. And that's just the beginning! 😉

Our opinion about Ashby:

Ashby offers a comprehensive talent pipeline and applicant tracking system, ensuring that you never miss out on the perfect hire and can effortlessly manage your recruitment process 👌 The user-friendly interface and intuitive color-coded system make staying organized and up-to-date with candidate statuses a breeze. Whether you're just starting or experiencing rapid growth, Ashby's recruiting platform caters to businesses of all sizes. From advanced hiring process analytics to automated scheduling and robust data privacy, Ashby has all the tools to support your business while you focus on what truly matters - driving your business forward 🚀

Ashby Pricing:

Ashby has 3 different pricing plans available for you to choose from, whether you are a startup, enterprise or you need analytics. Get 20% off all plans for 1 year with Secret and save up to $960 for your business! 💰

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Best Ashby alternatives:

Top alternatives to Ashby’s recruitment software include Indeed, Workable, ZipRecruiter and JobDiva. Discover great offers for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🤩

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

1 deal available for Ashby
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1 deal available for Ashby

Up to $960 in savings

20% off all plans for 1 year

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20% off all plans for 1 year

20% off all plans for 1 year

Unlock our Ashby deal and access 20% off all plans for 1 year, saving you up to $960 for your startup. There are over 310+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS software and apps for your small business to grow. Don't waste time, take advantage of our promotions now thanks to our Ashby promo codes, coupons and credits valid in December 2023.

What is Ashby used for?

Ashby is a comprehensive recruitment software that streamlines the hiring process for small businesses. It enables companies to build a talent network swiftly, automate email sequences, and schedule appointments efficiently. For instance, a small tech startup can use Ashby to find potential candidates, send them personalized emails, and schedule interviews in half the time it would typically take. The software also provides a clear overview of the talent pipeline and applicant tracking, ensuring no candidate is overlooked. With its advanced analytics and data privacy features, Ashby allows businesses to focus on growth rather than recruitment logistics. Companies like Brightline and Coder have seen a 50% reduction in recruitment costs using Ashby.

Ashby pricing

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100+ employees

Ashby Analytics

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Unlock your ATS data

Advanced reporting tools

All-In-One For Startups


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From 1 to 101+ employees

Start hiring in minutes

Customize as you grow

Ashby features

Unleash recruitment excellence

  • Enhance candidate experience

    Ashby’s candidate interface is designed to offer a great experience to your potential hires. The user-friendly platform allows candidates to move effortlessly through the hiring process from start to finish. Give them a positive impression of your company from day one.

  • Centralize all your needs

    Ashby’s all-in-one recruiting platform allows you to centralize your needs into one tool and consolidate your processes. All of the features needed for recruiting are present within the software to help your teams excel.

  • Simplify recruitment

    The tool has been designed to meet the needs of recruiters. Save time and get access to an easy-to-use software that allows you to manage approvals, alerts and implement automation to improve your team’s performance.

  • Schedule interviews

    Speed up interview scheduling and go twice as fast with Ashby. Candidates can access an auto-scheduling feature to book the open slot that works for them. The process becomes more enjoyable for both you and the candidates.

  • Find talent

    With email searches and multi-touch sequences, you can search, engage and track passive candidates and unearth top talent whether they are active or passive. Your sourcing activities become more efficient and relevant.

  • Measure continuously

    Effectively drive your recruitment strategy by accessing comprehensive data on all data points in the hiring process. Via a fully customizable dashboard and alerts, stay informed at all times.

  • Collaborate with your team

    Keep everyone in the loop and improve your team’s collaboration with Ashby’s shared candidate profile feature. Easily share feedback and track candidates’ progress throughout the hiring process. This functionality saves time and helps you to build a collective approach to recruitment.

  • Advanced analytics

    Get deep insight into your recruitment metrics and trends with Ashby’s advanced analytics. The software gives you access to metrics that reveal emerging trends and let you track results against your recruitment KPIs. You can use the data to continually improve your hiring strategies and streamline the recruitment process.

Ashby: Pros & Cons


  • All-in-one tool: The platform brings together all the functionality needed for recruiting
  • Support team: Customer support is very responsive
  • Comprehensive reporting: Analysis and presentation of data is highly relevant


  • Learning curve: It takes some time to configure the tool properly
  • Missing data: It would be helpful to add some information such as equity allocations per opening and splits
  • Visibility of updates: Some users would like to see more ads for new features as soon as they are added

Why is Ashby better than other Recruitment software?

Ashby has better positive reviews compared to ZipRecruiter: 100 vs 78

Ashby is better at customer service than ZipRecruiter: 4.8 vs 4.2

Ashby has better positive reviews than Indeed: 100 vs 91

Ashby is better at customer support than Indeed: 4.8 vs 4.5

Ashby has better positive reviews compared to JobDiva: 100 vs 92

Ashby is better at customer service than JobDiva: 4.8 vs 4.5

Ashby has better positive reviews compared to iCIMS Talent Cloud: 100 vs 87

Ashby is better at customer service than iCIMS Talent Cloud: 4.8 vs 4.5

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